Brandauer lands new contracts after SPD launch

Posted on 23 Jul 2015 by The Manufacturer

After a £250,000 investment into a new Special Products Division (SPD), Brandauer secured £70,000 of contracts from clients in the automotive, medical and renewables sectors. 

For the first time in its 153-year history, the firm is able to accommodate customer requirements spanning from one-off to 20,000 metal components in materials ranging from aluminium and brass, to copper and nickel alloys.

Mark Fenney, manager - Special Products Division, Brandauer.
Mark Fenney, manager – Special Products Division, Brandauer.

Special Products Division manager, Mark Fenney commented: “This is an important step forward in our development and gives us a low volume capability that we would normally have to sub-contact, or worse still, decline to quote.”

He continued: “We try to get involved in the process at the conceptual stage and identify where we can add value and design for scalable manufacture. Now we have the natural opportunity to do just that, and even work with customers on a small batch product introduction before moving on to larger numbers.”

The Special Product Division is the result of a six-month project that involved the introduction of a new material handling approach to create narrower aisles in the warehouse and logistics departments.

This provided the additional space required to develop the dedicated cell and installation of more than £200,000 of new machinery, including multiple low tonnage presses (3 tonnes up to 60); hydraulic presses; a sheet metal guillotine; laser marking; CNC lathe, and a second operation/final assembly area.

Brandauer has also set up a self-contained tool room in the SPD and a 3D Printer that produces initial prototypes at a fraction of the cost of setting up tooling.

Brandauer's 3D printing capability for jigs, fixtures and sample components.Brandauer's 3D printing capability for jigs, fixtures and sample components.
Brandauer’s 3D printing capability for jigs, fixtures and sample components.

Graham Allison, who was recently appointed as strategic sales manager added: “We knew this offer would be popular, but I don’t think even we expected to win orders within a week of officially launching, let alone being on course to smash our budget by 50%.”

He concluded: “Our quality capabilities will be second to none and are in line with volumetric requirements and PPAP Level 3 – the latter has the potential to secure another £100,000 of orders.”

The investment in the Special Products Division has created four new jobs, with the possibility of a further two apprentices being employed shortly.

This is part of Brandauer’s five-year plan to double turnover to £15m and increase marketshare in Germany; Holland; Scandinavia, and the US.