Business Growth Service plays match maker

Posted on 12 Nov 2015 by Fred Tongue

The Manufacturing Advisory Service, now a part of Business Growth Service, has introduced Bedfont Scientific to Destra Engineering to produce new products.

Bedfont Scientific recently launched its latest product, the iCO Smokerlyzer, a home care breath carbon monoxide monitor to aid smoking cessation.

Thanks to the new product turnover is expected to grow to £10m in the next two years and the company is creating an additional 14 jobs by 2018.

Thanks to the Manufacturing Advisory Service (MAS) – now part of the Business Growth Service, Bedfont found Destra Engineering.

The two companies are both based in Kent and Destra will manufacture the new device for Bedfont, the service also supported the two companies with a grant to help with tooling costs.

General manager of Bedfont Scientific, Jason Smith explained: “Having worked with MAS for the past two years, we valued the opportunity for UK manufacture and product development investment.

Sarah Williams, director, Destra Engineering.
Sarah Williams, director, Destra Engineering.

“We have traditionally manufactured our high volume products in China and thanks to MAS, this is the first of the range to be built here in Kent. This will undoubtedly provide greater control over quality and supply; bringing benefits to both companies.”

Director of Destra Engineering, Sarah Williams commented: “Bedfont Scientific is one of two new customers in the past eight months and we are working on five new products.

“We are enjoying a return of our clients to UK manufacturing. Our customers are pleased with our quality and value-added services and our moulding prices are very competitive with the Far East.”

The product was designed in record time thanks, in part, to Bedfont working with a UK supplier. This shortened the development process and now the first batch of units is heading to the US.

Jim Bristow, business growth manager - Kent.
Jim Bristow, business growth manager – Kent.

Business growth manager for Kent, Jim Bristow noted: “I have been working closely with Bedfont Scientific and proudly introduced them to Destra Engineering.

“This significant new product development will bring major growth to both companies and is an excellent example of reshoring to the UK from China.”

In addition to support from MAS, the UK Trade and Investment (UKTI) has worked with Bedfont Scientific for more than a decade.

Bedfont now enjoys tremendous exporting success; their products are sold in over 120 outlets worldwide and exports account for 75% of the business, half of which are exported to Europe.