C4 Logistics and Gardner Aerospace take off thanks to C4Sight

Posted on 17 Oct 2016 by The Manufacturer

C4 Logistics, the time-critical delivery specialist, has been awarded preferred supplier status with Gardner Aerospace for its UK plants.

The C4 Logistics contract, which started on September 5th 2016, covers for an initial 12 month period the delivery of time-critical parts to and from Gardner Aerospace’s sites in Derby, Broughton, Hull, Basildon and Pershore, and necessary links to customer and suppliers.

Frédéric Cesarion, Group Commercial Director of C4 Logistics - image courtesy of C4 Logistics
Frédéric Cesarion, Group Commercial Director of C4 Logistics – image courtesy of C4 Logistics.

Gardner Aerospace builds aerospace components all over the world and, since 2010, has achieved a 130% increase in production following strategic investment and a £40m plant modernisation programme in the UK, France, Poland and India.

“C4 Logistics is delighted to have won this contract as Gardner’s preferred supplier for UK shipments,” said Frédéric Cesarion, Group Commercial Director of C4 Logistics.

“Once again, the level of transparency and control offered by C4 Logistics thanks to C4Sight was an important parameter in their choice.”

C4 Logistics helping the aerospace industry deal with demand

There is currently high global demand for aircraft, creating a backlog of orders. A recent Airbus Global Market Forecast predicts that 33,070 new aircraft will be required over the next 20 years, meaning the fleet needs to double in size between 2016 and 2035. To achieve this, aerospace manufacturers have been adopting Just In Time delivery and lean supply chains.

Keeping existing planes flying is also important, and the supply chain for aerospace components has to be flexible and efficient. In this environment, having total visibility in the supply chain is a significant competitive advantage.

“For the moment the scope of the contract is only UK,” says Frédéric Cesarion, “but hopefully, once we gain a certain level of trust on how we meet their service expectations, we may have some opportunities for EU shipments.”

C4 Logistics is a non-asset owning company that specialises in using technology and the intelligent tracking technology C4Sight to meet its customers’ exacting standards. C4 Logistics can collect anywhere in Europe within two hours, and offers a money-back guarantee on its transit times.

The company also offers specialised services for dangerous, sensitive, or temperature-controlled shipments, alongside road- and air-freight options.

Gardner Aerospace is one of the world’s largest and most diverse aerospace component manufacturers, with operations in France, India, Poland and the UK making finished machined and fabricated detailed parts made from hard and soft metals. Annual revenues exceed $200 million and it employs more than 1,450 people worldwide.

For more information about the company and C4 SightTM, visit: http://www.c4logistics.com. For more information about Gardner Aerospace, visit: http://www.gardner-aerospace.com.