Canned craft beer: Fourpure brewery in pictures

Posted on 25 Jul 2018 by Maddy White

Fourpure brewery based in South Bermondsey, has just been acquired by Australian alcoholic beverage giant, Lion. The Manufacturer visited the brewery to speak to founder Dan Lowe about the company's plans and the UK's growing passion for craft beer.

The deal will see Fourpure expand its business, and give the company opportunities to create their craft beer on a larger scale.

Founded in 2013 by brothers Dan and Tom Lowe because of a mutual love for craft beer, the team at the brewery are excited for the future.

Lowe sat down with The Manufacturer in Fourpure’s taproom to talk about the brewery, the deal and Fourpure’s plans, he said: “We are planning to significantly expand our presence here in Bermondsey, we are almost looking to double the property and take on another 50 or so staff.”

He said being London-based was extremely important to the brand, as 90% of the company’s exports are to London and South East London. “The authenticity of it being a London brewer is why people are buying beer from us, we want to stay within the London boroughs.”

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Dan Lowe is pictured in the taproom selling the popular craft beer, which is open to the public every day from noon – image courtesy The Manufacturer.

The Bermondsey brewery were the first craft beer to can their beverages in the UK, pictured is drink Southern Latitude – image courtesy of Fourpure.

The top five canned craft beers at the brewery – image courtesy of Fourpure.

One of the units based in Bermondsey, which can hold thousands of liters of craft beer – image courtesy The Manufacturer.

Lowe explained that as an independent business, they have invested as much money as possible and created the best brewery they can, Lion’s investment will help them continue to expand – image courtesy The Manufacturer.

The company have invested in automated packaging to improve productivity, which has enabled the company to drive its production forward – image courtesy The Manufacturer.

The taproom, which overlooks part of the brewery – image courtesy Fourpure.

Lowe said the brewery are hoping to double its capacity in the coming years – image courtesy The Manufacturer.

Lowe explained that Fourpure “are a business who wants to carry on growing, we want to continue to do things better” – image courtesy The Manufacturer.

250 cans are filled every minute at the brewery, where previously before automation was introduced just 30 were filled – image courtesy The Manufacturer.