Carfulan Group secures £175,000 in orders

Posted on 20 May 2024 by The Manufacturer

Carfulan Group has heralded a strong April after it sealed more than £175,000 of orders and secured over 800 more leads.

Sales Director Rob Thompson believes the firm’s ability to offer a single-source solution for advanced measurement, 3D printing and software technologies has made all the difference with customers coming from precision engineering, sub-contract manufacturing, aerospace, automotive and, interestingly, academia.

Fresh from making its UK debut at a major manufacturing event, OGP’s new E-Series E7, a best-in-class multi-sensor measurement system, has been purchased by Continental Diamond Tool, whilst Metaltech Precision invested in a Smile 420 tool presetting system – with Pilot 4 software – from ZOLLER UK.

Carfulan Group also saw significant interest in its VICIVISION offer, with Oracle Precision, TNC Precision Ltd and CNF Precision purchasing a Techno M306, Prima 306 and the Metrios Cross respectively.

“Everything in manufacturing is getting more precise and companies are desperately striving for greater control when it comes to quality through their measurement devices,” explained Rob, who has been with the company for more than 15 years.

“Real time data, which allows them to change tooling set-ups to optimise performance and avoid costly reworks, continues to be in demand and plays perfectly into our hands when it comes to our range of technology and our new software platforms.”

Carfulan Group, which helps more than 500 companies to work smarter and faster, has seen revenues rise by 14% to £19.2million, creating six new jobs as a result.

Significant investment in boosting its sales team and several new product releases by its OGP UK, SYS Systems, ZOLLER UK, VICIVISION UK, Metrios UK, Prolink UK and DISCUS brands have been behind the expansion, with the family-run business now setting its sights on meeting a £40m target by 2030.

It has invested more than £2.5m in creating an advanced innovation centre in Derbyshire, which showcases all its six technologies and software solutions, including Prolink and DISCUS. The last two help with real-time data monitoring and ballooning complex drawings into First Article Inspection Reports respectively.

From this base, the company can explore how its advanced metrology, 3D printing, tool presetting and data management software solutions can be tailored to suit the end-use of customers, as well as offering extensive after care support, training, servicing, and maintenance.

Chris Fulton, Joint Managing Director of the Carfulan Group, went on to add: “A key ‘pain point’ of visitors is that they don’t know enough about what each technology could do and the difference it could make to their business – that’s where live demos and the ongoing education piece are so important.”

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