Cataclean close deal with Nigerian distributor

Posted on 10 Mar 2014 by Victoria Fitzgerald

The Liverpool-based firm, that produces a cleaning product for catalytic converters, will establish a new company, Cataclean Global Nigeria, under the terms of the agreement. Nigeria has a population of 189 million, with roughly 31 cars per 1,000 people.

Cataclean produces a cleaning fluid that is poured into fuel tanks. The product is said to help prevent vehicles from failing MOT emissions tests by removing carbon build-up from oxygen sensors.

Graham Fraser, corporate development director for Cataclean, said: “The last year has seen Cataclean focus its efforts to grow exports sales. The establishment of a distributor in Nigeria comes hot on the heels of similar agreements in the US, Eastern Europe and Greece. It is a very exciting time for the business, which has traditionally focused on the UK market.

“We have worked hard with our Nigerian partners to overcome some administrative hurdles to finalise this exclusive distributor agreement. Nigeria is a big market and is currently the fastest growing economy in Africa.”

The Nigerian operation will be headed by Adeyemi Oyedele who said: “The key selling points for Cataclean in Nigeria will primarily be improving engine performance and cutting fuel bills. Cars are a big expense for families here so if we can help reduce running costs that shall be a major benefit.

“Moreover, in the next few years we expect the cutting emissions message to become stronger as greater pressure is put on Nigerian drivers to make their cars greener. The main target customers will be consumer level car drivers and repair garages at this stage rather than industrial vehicles.”

Cataclean was developed in 1995 and is the flagship product of System Products, which was established in 1999 to market Cataclean.