Caterham Cars smash export sales record

Posted on 16 Jan 2014 by Tim Brown

Caterham Cars has sold more vehicles to overseas buyers in 2013 than in any other year in the firm’s history. Its export sales now represent over 61% of all units sold.

Thanks to its expanding export team, the British sportscar marque has notched up over 300 export sales of its famous two-seater Seven model in 2013, outstripping last year’s total by 25%.

The Caterham production line - image courtesy of Tim Brown
The Caterham production line - image courtesy of Tim Brown

Outside of the UK, Caterham Cars’ largest market is France accounting for almost a third of its overseas sales in 2013. Japan follows closely, almost doubling its sales year on year. More progress is expected in the Japanese market, thanks to the introduction of the new Seven 130*.

Meanwhile Swiss dealer Kumschick Sports Cars cemented its 30-year relationship with the iconic British sports car with the most successful sales year in over a decade; the best-selling model being the Seven 485.

Caterham’s profile also continues to rise across the Atlantic, thanks to the success of its partnership with Dyson Racing which imports the SP/300.R racer. Caterham recently announced Superformance as its sole new North American importer for its Seven products and the appointment has already seen a positive impact on sales. Caterham intends to see USA sales volumes rise over the next three years as it further develops the local market.

Overseas expansion continues further afield with new dealers already appointed in South American markets Chile, Peru and Colombia.

David Ridley, Chief Commercial Officer of Caterham Cars, said: “Caterham’s ethos – to deliver accessible fun – is well-known by the motoring public in the UK, but we are now applying that philosophy across Europe and beyond. It’s satisfying to see consistent demand in our established markets like France, Japan and the USA, and it’s also very encouraging to see a growing demand from our new territories. Our on-going participation in Formula One is, in part, to thank for our growing global brand awareness”

“Caterham is the sort of brand which attracts genuine fans who are passionate about its heritage and potential. These unique qualities and a growing demand for genuine British products have helped us to steadily expand sales overseas. Several new models at the top and entry point of the range have also attracted new customers to the brand.”

Contributing to the strong export performance are new models which conform to strict EU6 regulations, including the powerful, 240ps Seven 485 and the innovative entry-level Seven 165. Caterham’s one-make racing championships also continue to develop strongly in markets outside of the UK.

Known for its extreme performance, handling finesse and low weight, the Seven range starts at £14,995** in the UK and €19,995 in mainland Europe (+ local taxes).

The Caterham Group – formed by a team led by Tony Fernandes – incorporates Caterham Cars, Caterham F1 Team, Caterham Technology & Innovation, Caterham Composites and the recently-announced Caterham Bikes division.

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