Celebrating 10 years of The Manufacturer Top 100

Posted on 4 Apr 2023 by The Manufacturer

Celebrating its tenth anniversary in 2023, The Manufacturer Top 100 will head to a new home and date this year, forming part of Manufacturing & Engineering Week

The Manufacturer Top 100 are the most dynamic leaders and innovators in manufacturing, as nominated by The Manufacturer’s 265k-strong audience, the wider industrial community, and judged by our esteemed judging panel featuring leaders of industry, academic institutions and manufacturing associations. The 100 individuals that are nominated are among the very best UK manufacturing has to offer, and we want to continue to showcase the people who make a truly exceptional contribution to the sector every day.

Taking place as part of Manufacturing & Engineering Week on 7-8 June, at the NEC in Birmingham, the programme publicly recognises the heroes of UK manufacturing – those who stand out for their contribution to changing the face of industry; show committed leadership qualities within their organisation; make a key contribution beyond their years; champion manufacturing from beyond the boundaries of the sector or drive their organisation forward on the journey to net zero. Once again, we are scouring the length and breadth of the nation to find 100 of the greatest people working in manufacturing; 100 unique and uplifting stories of struggle, grit, determination and success against all the odds – personal tales of individuals helping to change popular perceptions of careers in manufacturing and draw young people into the sector.

Meet some of the inductees into The Manufacturer Top 100 2022: 

Lewis Bowles Business, Development Engineer, Parvalux Electric Motors

Engineering as a whole is a truly rewarding market to work in, but to be part of the electric motor industry is super exciting. It is easy to forget just how important and integral these motors have become. Not only are Parvalux and maxon products used in day-to-day applications, but they are also used in emerging technologies and are helping people around the world. With greener energy sources being a must, it is great to work for a company that is contributing to this goal.


Chris Johnson, Production Director, Stage One Creative Services

I absolutely love my job. I was recruited as Junior Supervisor when a previous employer spotted the potential in me, and the rest is history. I work with a talented, multi-disciplinary team and it’s our collective ambition that motivates me. I’m inspired by the huge variety of projects at Stage One. You get to say: “I made that”, but you’re pointing at a 300 tonne National Day sculpture, or the 30 metre masts that make up an Ed Sheeran set; it gives me a real sense of pride. Time flies as soon as you step into the workshops, even in our world of meticulous manufacturing. It still feels fastpaced due to the workflow and processes that see assemblies fly through the range of different workshops.

Eden McGlen, Tutor, Unipress

I am currently employed by Unipres (UK) as a tutor in its Training Academy. I completed a Level 3 Mechatronics Apprenticeship, and it was during this time that I was identified as a future tutor and moved to the Training Academy so I could pass on the knowledge and skills I had learned to inspire future generations of engineers. Being able to pass on my experience fires me up to think that I am making a difference. I was named in the Top 100 Women in Engineering, Special Recognition Award from the board of governors from Hartlepool College, Regional Winner, Advanced Apprentice NAW and National Highly Commended Advanced Apprentice NAW.

Louise O’Brien, Managing Director, Greyhound Box

Ending up in manufacturing was something of an accident. My career started in retail management, then I had a family and took time out to develop my skill set. Completing courses in subjects like IT meant that when I returned to work, more options were available to suit the new part-time path I was looking to take. But as soon as I stepped foot into Greyhound Box, I saw so much potential to scale the business and make it truly sustainable. This meant I quickly became full-time. Holding numerous responsibilities, from office management to volunteering on the factory floor, has given me a 360-degree understanding of our entire operation. And I love it; especially our continuous strive to really streamline our processes to maximise efficiencies while minimising waste.

Rimsha Tariq, Continuous Improvement Technician, NGF Europe 

Innovation and change really excite and drive me, and I thoroughly enjoy playing a part in bringing new ideas to life. I enjoy the multifaceted and interdisciplinary nature of the manufacturing industry, as I get to interact and learn from others with such a wide array of expertise and knowledge. I have loved being able to share the skills I have acquired and honed over my career, by mentoring numerous company student interns, STEM ambassador outreach and being an Industrial Advisory Board Member at the University of Liverpool.

Bill Williams, CEO, Alloy Fabweld

I treasure being a CEO; it is an honour and a privilege to be able to represent and lead a group of people, and to do it in a manufacturing context is really special. Companies and organsiations that make things generally do so much more for their customers, employees suppliers and communities. I love British manufacturing and my goal, when I hang up my boots, is to have done all that I possibly can to make it better and stronger.

Executive Education Partner: Cranfield University

As the UK’s only exclusively postgraduate university, Cranfield’s world-class expertise, large-scale facilities and unrivalled industry partnerships are creating leaders in technology and management globally. Cranfield is a driving force in the advancement of manufacturing innovation. Working with our strategic partners, our expertise in technology and management, combined with fundamental material research, enables us to develop novel products and manufacturing processes, and to provide postgraduate education and training to build sustainable manufacturing growth. Through our industry connections, we provide insight into current industry challenges for a smart, clean and green manufacturing sector in fields as diverse as graphene technologies, metal additive manufacturing and lifecycle analysis.

More info at: M&E Week – taking place 7-8 June at NEC, Birmingham

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