The Manufacturer Podcast: Celebrating sustainable excellence

Posted on 25 Nov 2022 by Tom St John

In this episode of The Manufacturer Podcast, sustainable excellence is celebrated and green transport eco-systems are discussed.

Hi listener, this podcast comes a full week after our editorial team’s trip back from Liverpool, following an epic Digital Manufacturing Week – they still haven’t fully recovered. They’ve still managed to assemble for the first episode of a mini series on sustainable manufacturing.

We have snippets from a wonderful night at The Manufacturer MX Awards, where bottle manufacturers Encirc were crowned the 2022 winners of the Sustainable Manufacturing category. Hear what category judge Alison Beard-Gunter, of Thermo Fisher had to say following the announcement of the winners.

And in an interview from The Manufacturer Studio at Smart Factory Expo, Brian Riley, Digital Technical Lead at OX Delivers, talks about the work his company are doing to develop clean transport eco-systems in developing countries.

Listen for all that and more


Alison Beard-Gunter, category judge has her say on Sustainable Manufacturing winners Encirc

“I did not know that glass bottle blowing was so clean. The guys (at Encirc) were all speaking to the leaders – the sustainability manager as they walked through the factory with us. They all knew who he was. The team were having a little huddle in a room, so I snuck in there, shut the door and said, ‘What’s it really like here?’ And they loved it!

“They were a really amazing team, the continuous improvement was evident in everything they did. I think it was the cultural piece and the feeling of commitment throughout the factory that set them apart for me. Yeah, they they were great. Well deserved. And I’m so glad that they got the recognition for everything they’re doing.”

Brian Riley of OX Delivers tells us about building sustainable transport infrastructure in Africa

“Africa is a continent of growth and entrepreneurs, but it also suffers from transport poverty. The lack of capital means that the trucks out there aren’t designed for the dirt roads they have there. And the result of that is that the vehicles they do have are expensive, they cause pollution and are quite unreliable. The entrepreneurs who are working out there are having to transport their products to market by using bicycles, people or even animals. It’s a vicious circle that people get stuck in – OX is there to try and support these people.

Brian Riley of OX Delivers talks to us about sustainable transport infrastructure in developing countries at Smart Factory Expo 2022
Brian Riley of OX Delivers talks to us about sustainable transport infrastructure in developing countries at Smart Factory Expo 2022

“When it comes to our electric trucks, OX is in the unique position of being able to manufacture the trucks, and then we will own them and operate them. We have our own depots in these markets, this is tied to the infrastructure. We have partners helping us design and then manufacture the truck, but actually when we’re using them in service, we have our own depots, and the infrastructure to recharge and reservice.”

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