Clinical Studio provides mobile app to reduce cost of clinical trials

Posted on 26 Oct 2016 by The Manufacturer

A mobile app called Clinical Studio, created by Crucial Life Sciences Data Solutions (CLSDS), is helping to reduce the cost of running clinical trials by real-time live patient results without the need for constant physical appointments.

In July, the company announced that the 1,000th study has been created on the Clinical Studio Platform and the company has since won the 2016 Technology Innovation Award presented at the Society for Clinical Data Management annual Annual Conference.

According to CLSDS, the programmable and wearable technology, which is available for iPhone, Apple Watch and android deveices, has helped clinical trials obtain never-before-seen patient participation rates. Clinical trial managers can use the app to send a push notification to patients as well as measure progress with the ability to remotely monitor various patient tests.

In addition, the company said that the new technology helps lower the overall cost of clinical trials.

Founder Paul Grady said: “It is time to embrace and adopt new technologies to reduce healthcare costs.” Clinical trial managers can track a patient’s recovery without expensive and time-consuming appointments.”

In July CLSDS announced that the 1,000th study was created on the Clinical Studio Platform making it the world’s largest study platform for clinical trials.

Clinical Studio is an open platform provided at no cost to academic and individual researchers, such as investigators. Because it is a technology platform that allows clinical professionals to build, deploy and manage their own studies, the cost structure is far different than any other company in the industry.

By not offering traditional Clinical Research Organization (CRO) Services, CLSDS incurs just a fraction the cost of their competitors. Those cost savings are passed on to clients.

“We never compete with our clients, we are a pure technology platform,” said Grady. “Our technology is years ahead of our nearest competitor. We focus exclusively on developing better technology to streamline processes that greatly shorten study duration.”

Once a company signs up for a complimentary 60-day trial at, they have access to free instructor based training and expert technical support. In addition, the system can be branded to incorporate the look and feel of the CRO or the individual study sponsor. Grady explained it this way, “We allow our clients to White Label the system. They can incorporate their look and feel or that of their customers.”