Cobham receives $51m in orders for F-35 Lightning II

Posted on 22 Oct 2015 by Tim Brown

Cobham recently received a series of orders from BAE Systems for microelectronic products totaling approximately $51m for the F-35 Lightning II fighter jet platform.

The work will be performed by Cobham Microelectronic Solutions, a San Diego-based business unit of the Cobham Advanced Electronics Solutions sector.

Cobham will provide microelectronic components and integrated microelectronic assemblies for radar and electronic warfare (EW).

“These awards are the result of our leading edge technology and dedicated effort to successfully execute this program while simultaneously driving affordability,” said Jill Kale, President of Cobham Advanced Electronic Solutions.

“The F-35 is a critical and enduring platform for the US military and other allied nations. We are proud to support F-35 customers around the world with our innovative and cost effective solutions that add to the capabilities of this revolutionary aircraft.”

More than 100 Cobham components are onboard every F-35 Lightning II, including microelectronic components, microwave systems, motion control solutions for the Electro-optical Targeting System (EOTS) gimbal, communications cryptography chips, pilot survival products and aerial refueling equipment.

Cobham Microelectronic Solutions was recently selected by Lockheed Martin for a Cockpit Demonstrator event at the San Diego facility on August 25, so the hundreds of employees who work on the components can see how their hard work and dedication contributes to the capabilities of the F-35.