Cummins Turbo Technologies turns up the heat on fuel efficiency

Posted on 30 Jul 2012 by Tim Brown

Cummins Turbo Technologies has unveiled a new range of technologies, including the new Waste Heat Turbine Expander, which it believes will help drive industry's desire for greater fuel efficiency.

Cummins Turbo Technologies, located in Huddersfield, is part of the Cummins Components Group (Cummins Emission Solutions, Cummins Filtration, Cummins Fuel Systems and Cummins Turbo Technologies) which makes up part of Cummins Inc., the world’s largest independent maker of diesel engines and related products.

The business’ close working partnership with many global engine and vehicle manufacturers has led them to the conclusion that fuel efficiency will be a greater focus than lower emissions and this has informed the development of a suite of near-market and future solutions capable of improving the fuel efficiency of any modern diesel engine by at least 6%.

According to Cummins Turbo Technologies Executive Director for Product Line Management & Marketing, Mark Firth, while the latest Euro 6 compliant products were specifically developed to help meet forthcoming emissions legislation, “all indications are that going forward our customers will become increasingly focused on fuel savings”.

“In addition, engine and vehicle manufacturers will wish to maintain or even increase the power outputs from engines – which in turn are becoming smaller and lighter – which presents a significant engineering challenge.”

Against this backdrop Cummins Turbo Technologies will be revealing some of the next generation technologies that will help meet the future needs of its customers at industry showcase IAA Hanover in September. These include:


Cummins Turbo Technologies, Waste Heat Recovery Expander

Waste Heat Turbine Expander prototype

This captures what would otherwise be lost energy, in the form of heat, from a number of sources on board the vehicle and turns it into useful mechanical (25kW) or electrical (5kWe) power that is capable of reducing vehicle fuel consumption by 5% and delivering fuel savings of £3,250 per annum.


A Super Map Width Enhancement ‘collar’ 

This enhances map width by 15% and facilitates engine downsizing, improves driveability, widens the operating range, aids efficiency mapping and delivers fuel savings.


Cummins Turbo Technologies Next Generation Variable Geometry Turbocharger vane flow

A Next Generation Variable Geometry Turbocharger

Based on a validated platform that can be tailored to meet the needs of individual customers without re-engineering, which is 2kg lighter and substantially lower initial cost than the model it replaces whilst featuring a high efficiency compressor stage, delivering improved fuel economy.


Rolling Element Bearings

Cummins Turbo Technologies has developed its own, high durability, low friction ball-bearing solution which improves both transient response and lowers fuel consumption – delivering a 1% improvement in overall turbocharger efficiency.


A conventional wheel
A conventional wheel
Cummins Turbo Technologies Inverse Impeller
Cummins Turbo Technologies Inverse Impeller

An Inverse Impeller

This design replaces the conventional alternative and has the capability to improve compressor stage efficiency by 1% through the use of flow optimisation software – which will deliver a £100 per annum fuel saving for on-highway applications in a single stroke.