DispatchTrack delivers green logistics with global AI-powered CO2 tracking

Posted on 7 Oct 2022 by The Manufacturer

DispatchTrack has announced the availability of AI-powered carbon emissions tracking to help companies meet their supply chain sustainability goals. Available as a feature in the DispatchTrack routing console, CO2 tracking enables companies in any market worldwide to better understand their existing carbon output on a per-route, per-stop, and per-vehicle basis, optimise routes to reduce CO2 output, and gather data to illustrate the impact of their sustainability initiatives.

Fuel consumption in last mile delivery is one of the largest contributors to emissions in the modern supply chain, as well as one of the greatest costs for delivery companies. Using DispatchTrack’s AI-powered route optimisation engine, companies can discover green delivery options that leverage the most efficient routes with fewer miles driven and less fuel used. By taking into consideration all of a day’s stops and shortening the total distance that drivers have to travel in order to fulfil their orders, DispatchTrack can help last-mile delivery companies reduce fuel consumption across their fleet by at least 10%.

DispatchTrack’s new CO2 tracking feature can be easily added to a customer’s existing DispatchTrack portal. Emissions data is included within routing and reporting screens, allowing users to visualise carbon emissions for each stop, and will dynamically update as routes are changed, all based on configurable emissions expectations based on different vehicle and load types.

Alex Buckley, General Manager of EMEA and APAC Operations at DispatchTrack commented: “Consumers are making more and more of an effort to make sustainable choices. What better way for brands to help them do that – and show off their own success at boosting sustainability – than by being able to seamlessly track and report the reduction of CO2 emissions in their deliveries?”

“When it comes to the last mile, businesses around the world are taking sustainability seriously. There’s mounting pressure to do better and to invest in initiatives that actually reduce CO2,” said Satish Natarajan, DispatchTrack Co-founder and CEO.

“With the industry’s first AI-based CO2 tracking capabilities, we’re helping our customers double down on their net-zero commitments and achieve their sustainability goals. By providing CO2 emissions numbers in real-time and route optimisation powered by AI, DispatchTrack is helping our customers reduce their emissions with confidence and become even more competitive.”

CO2 tracking features:

  • Understand existing CO2 output and more easily track it on a per-route and per-stop basis
  • Configure emissions for different vehicles and load types
  • Improve carbon emissions over time by grouping stops differently
  • Easily visualise hard numbers on CO2 reductions