Dubai Airshow dinner shines spotlight on US-UAE aero/defense relationship

Posted on 9 Nov 2015 by Tim Brown

The US-UAE Business Council and the Aerospace Industries Association welcomed 400 senior business executives and government officials on yesterday (Sunday) for an exclusive dinner celebrating Dubai Airshow 2015.

Held at one of Dubai’s flagship landmarks, Fort Island at Madinat Jumeirah Arabian Resort, Sunday’s dinner and reception featured a keynote address by H.E. Eng. Sultan Bin Saeed Al Mansouri, Minister of Economy.

H.E. Mansouri’s keynote address underscored the strategic importance of the US military and commercial aerospace relationship while highlighting opportunities for increased collaboration. In addressing industry trends, the Minister highlighted the UAE’s desire to be among the most innovative societies by 2030.

The Dubai Airshow, which opened yesterday and runs until November 12, continues to prove its vital importance in the UAE’s federally mandated economic diversification plan. H.E. Mansouri discussed the importance of the current Open Skies agreement to the ever-growing bilateral relationship. This year, over 3 million passengers will fly between the UAE and the US on over 250 non-stop flights to 10 US gateways. These flights continue to create growing numbers of jobs in the US.

“Once again, I want to convey my sincere appreciation to the US-UAE Business Council for their remarkable commitment to the bilateral US-UAE trade relationship demonstrated by the various activities they put together. This dinner, in partnership with AIA was a great example of bringing together key stakeholders from industry and government from both countries and underscores the importance of the strong bilateral aviation relationship,” said H.E. Al Mansouri. “Both the US and UAE economies benefit greatly from the vibrant aviation relationship which commercially saw over 200 billion USD in UAE deliveries and orders from US manufacturers since the year 2000, including aircraft, services, and engines.”

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Following scene-setting remarks from US-UAE Business Council President Danny Sebright, H.E. Al Muhairi spoke about the US-UAE commercial aerospace and manufacturing relationship. H.E. Al Muhairi underscored the significant strides taken by Mubadala and other Emirati companies in their efforts to further enhance the robust relationship between US and Emirati businesses. H.E. Al Muhairi also touched upon Abu Dhabi’s Aerospace goals in 2016 and the importance of partnerships with the US

In her remarks, Ambassador Leaf applauded H.E. Al Muhairi for his work in developing the UAE’s burgeoning economy. Ambassador Leaf also underscored the strength of the economic, cultural, and security partnership between the US and the UAE when confronting shared threats to regional security before highlighting America’s best in class goods and services. She applauded the robust US official government and military delegation visiting the show as a clear sign of the true strength of the partnership, and praised the Minister as a true friend of the relationship.

Upon taking the stage, Mr Wilshaw welcomed the dinner’s distinguished guests before highlighting Dubai South’s latest work. In his brief comments, Mr Wilshaw discussed the impact Dubai South has had and will continue to have on the UAE economy. He underlined Dubai South’s Al Maktoum International Airport, which upon completion will be the largest airport in the world, as well as the event site for World Expo 2020. By 2027, Dubai South will have the capacity of handling upwards of 160 million passengers annually.

Mr Sebright lauded Mr Wilshaw’s efforts in making Dubai South the UAE’s flagship urban development. Mr Sebright also stressed that in the last 10 years, bilateral trade between the US and UAE has grown by 80% to nearly $25bn in 2014, and is on track to grow much more in 2015.

The UAE has been the largest trading partner for the US in the Middle East over the last 6 years.