E-book: How Industrial Data is Transforming Manufacturing

Posted on 4 Mar 2020 by Tim Coulthard

Modern digital manufacturing is generating unprecedented amounts of data at every stage, from procurement to manufacturing to last-mile delivery to customers. How companies capture, process and act upon insights from this industrial data is key to achieving truly end-to-end visibility in the value chain.

At The Manufacturer, we’ve built a community of true pioneers in the field of industrial data –  from end-user companies deploying big data in their operations, to the technology pioneers pushing the boundaries of capability.

Every year we bring the elite leaders from our community together for a one-day summit to share ideas, best practice and insights from their work with industrial data.

Our new e-book is a distillation of the very best thinking and ideas from the most recent Industrial Data Summit. It includes case studies, practical insights, common challenges and their solutions.