Enabling connected workers to accelerate total productive maintenance and world class manufacturing

Posted on 16 Oct 2023 by The Manufacturer
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Connected workers are the heart of your connected organisation, without them, achieving true operational excellence will be a challenge. By enabling your workers, you unlock their potential to accelerate your OpEx initiatives such as TPM, WCM, Lean, or whatever your programme is called.

Performance in manufacturing is still reliant on people

People are the biggest driver of value and variability in production. However, the information people need to do their daily work resides in too many places, which are often outdated and difficult to use. Resulting in more variability, and making it harder to drive value. It can reside in:

  • Paper and spreadsheet-based procedures, checklists and problem solving tools.
  • In siloed apps and core IT systems such as ERP, EAM, PLM, which were never designed for the people who do the actual work.
  • In peoples’ heads as ‘tribal knowledge’, which is eroded with employee turnover.

Different work systems – Total Productive Maintenance (TPM), Six Sigma, LEAN and IWS – have delivered impressive results with tools that reduce variability and empower frontline workers to drive improvement.

However, the biggest complaint of workers is that they add more paperwork, and more places to get work done and follow standards.

How can you enable TPM, OpEx, WCM etc?

Source: Zaptic E-Book, How Zaptic can support TPM pillars.

Connected workers

The connected worker is uniquely positioned to lead the direct efforts at improving the results in manufacturing.

Providing the information each person uniquely needs when, where, and how they need it is the essential component to enabling a connected worker.

Today’s connected worker expects this information served digitally, in a single pane of glass reflecting the most current conditions in their operations, assets, and fellow team members.

A connection that informs and enables their activity with the most efficient correct actions, and an ability to collaborate as needed when unexpected challenges present themselves.

Their connections are viewed as an essential tool in their execution of Total Productive Maintenance (or whatever you call your programme).

Download our eBook ‘How to best enable your connected workers‘ today.

E-book key takeaways include:

  • Why is a connected organisation so important and how can you achieve this?
  • How can you best enable, empower, and motivate your people?
  • How can a connected worker platform help you adopt WCM/TPM/Lean faster?
  • How Zaptic supports each pillar in TPM/LEAN
  • Suggested use cases that can be digitised easily and quickly
  • The key benefits of digitising daily processes

About the author

Thomas Hughes, Operational Excellence at Zaptic, Global Leader and Coach

With a long history in manufacturing, Tom’s career spans over 40 years of professional experience in multiple FMCG companies including Lyons Tetley, Northern Foods, Gillette, Duracell and P&G Fabric and Home Care.

Tom has worked in many areas of product supply, including running large mega plants, Quality, Product Development, Engineering, Operations and Supply chain optimization, winning several awards for delivering and driving cultural change and WCM, safety, cost, cash and innovation transformations. He is an expert in the P&G integrated work system, TPM, Lean and continuous Improvement methodologies.