Encirc transitions to HVO fuel with haulier Sparks Transport

Posted on 10 Jul 2024 by The Manufacturer

Encirc’s sustainability drive is continuing apace with the news that it has teamed up with haulier Sparks Transport to ensure that all the product they move from the glass manufacturer’s Elton site to its sister plant in Bristol is fuelled by hydrotreated vegetable oil (HVO). 

This follows a highly successful trial last year when Encirc, a Vidrala Group company, used HVO instead of fossil fuels across its fleet, and this new partnership is predicted to lead to significant carbon and cost savings.

Indeed, switching to HVO will significantly lower the company’s carbon footprint, aligning with its commitment to sustainability and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. This cleaner alternative to diesel will also support Encirc’s Scope 3 Science-Based Targets initiative (SBTi) commitments.

Fiacre O’Donnell, Sustainability Director at Encirc commented: “We are excited to announce that, as of Monday, 17 June, we have successfully transitioned to moving our product with Sparks Transport from Elton to Bristol solely on HVO.

“The collaboration with Sparks Transport is a potential game-changer. Their expertise and partnership have enabled us to make this change seamlessly, ensuring that we continue to deliver our products efficiently while maintaining our environmental responsibilities.”

Fiacre added: “This move is a critical step towards fulfilling our ZE30 mission statement, reinforcing our dedication to sustainability, decarbonisation, innovation, and excellence in all our operations. By embracing HVO, we are not only investing in a cleaner future but also realising cost savings that benefit both our company and our customers.

“We are proud to take this important step and look forward to sharing more updates on our sustainability journey.”

Gemma Martin, Logistics Reporting & Sustainability Manager commented: “By transitioning to HVO for our transportation needs, we are actively addressing Scope 3 emissions, which are crucial for achieving our sustainability targets of net zero. Creating partnerships with our hauliers, who are on the same journey of decarbonisation, is essential. This partnership not only demonstrates our dedication to environmental responsibility but also sets a benchmark for the industry. Together, we are making substantial progress towards a greener future.”

Encirc anticipates in the next 12 months that this transition to HVO with Sparks Transport has the potential to save 462.71 tonnes of carbon per tonne of fuel. This has an obvious impact on the reduction of their carbon footprint.

To put into context, 462.71 tonnes of carbon dioxide (CO2) is the equivalent to the annual greenhouse gas emissions from approximately 100 passenger vehicles or the CO2 emissions from consuming around 51,963 gallons of gasoline. Encirc is continuing to investigate widening the scope of its fleet transitioning to HVO.

All this is perfectly matched to Encirc’s goal of providing sustainable and innovative solutions to its customers and supply chain. The company’s commitment to environmental responsibility is at the core of its operations, driving them to continually improve and adopt greener practices within the business.

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