New Warwick MSc to develop understanding of future healthcare

Posted on 14 May 2012

The Institute of Digital Healthcare in WMG, University of Warwick, is launching a new flexible Masters in Digital Healthcare to help future professionals learn about, develop and implement digital healthcare innovations to respond to the challenges facing modern healthcare.

Professor Christopher James of WMG’s Institute of Digital Healthcare said: “There is a pressing need across healthcare systems worldwide for a well-educated and flexible workforce capable of designing, evaluating and using digital technologies, with a thorough understanding of the clinical, engineering, ethical and social constraints surrounding them.”

The Masters course is expected to give students the knowledge, skills and experience to drive, manage and evaluate the advances in technology and techniques that underpin digital healthcare.

As part of the new programme students from different backgrounds will work in supervised multi-disciplinary teams to solve complex real-world problems. The course will be taught using a flexible framework, and offered as an MSc with special focus – for example, MSc in Digital Healthcare (engineering) or MSc in Digital Healthcare (clinical), allowing modules to be chosen from one of the two specialisms to suit the students’ background and best meet their professional development needs.

By working on core modules in multi-disciplinary teams across the clinical and engineering specialisms, all students will gain an in-depth understanding of design constraints seen from both clinical and engineering perspectives.

The new Masters will commence in October 2012.


Photo by Secom Bahia