Essentra Components announces global recruitment drive for sustainable suppliers

Posted on 23 Nov 2021 by The Manufacturer

A leading manufacturer of small, essential components has opened a global recruitment drive to find suppliers of sustainable post-consumer plastic recyclate to further increase the recycled content within its injection moulded products and other subsequent product lines.

Essentra Components has been championing plastics with a higher percentage of recycled content in order to reduce its own carbon footprint and those of its customers by supplying more sustainable products with similar if not greater performance levels.

However, production of post-consumer plastics requires a consistent supply of sustainable recycled resins, and with the rapid shift towards greener manufacturing, demand is currently higher than supply due to challenges faced by recyclers and processors.

Strategy and M&A Director at Essentra Components Richard Sederman discussed the challenges earlier in the year, saying that competition between manufacturers over such a small supply chain potentially jeopardises supply volumes: “The challenge is that the volume of high-quality recyclate just isn’t reliably available in the quantities we need for us to produce a consistent product, without putting performance at risk.

“Because of this, our procurement teams are vying for the attention of every supplier they can find, occasionally in competition with other manufacturers to secure enough.”

To support a wider supply chain to boost efficiency, Essentra Components has called upon suppliers of all sizes across Europe to take part in an open procurement process to mitigate the risks manufacturers face.

recruitment, people, skills, puzzle - Image courtesy of Shutterstock

Image courtesy of Shutterstock

Scott Fawcett Divisional Managing Director of Essentra Components said the recruitment drive is not just about its own supply but that of the wider industry: “The supply of sustainable recyclate is an issue that’s affecting the entire industry. For manufacturing to become more sustainable in the future, every link of the supply must be able to cope with the demands of the market.

“Our customers are already seeing the benefits of higher percentage recycled plastics, and by forging new relationships and securing more supply, the possibilities for innovation and future design only grow stronger.

“If we can encourage suppliers from a wider network to come forward and be part of the drive towards a greener industry, then we can build a more sustainable supply chain to support a sustainable industry moving forward.”

The invitation to apply is open to any supplier of any size across Europe and the UK with Essentra Components looking to develop relationships with suppliers who can both fill the supply gaps and support with materials innovation with the aim of enabling the manufacturer to greatly increase their post-consumer plastic percentages within their products, ideally as close to 100% as possible.

For more information or to apply as a supplier, please contact [email protected]