Eurofighter Typhoon praised on 10th anniversary

Posted on 20 Aug 2013

Air Vice-Marshal Edward Stringer, the RAF’s assistant chief of air staff, hailed the performance of the Eurofighter Typhoon jet saying the aircraft produced a “level of accuracy not seen anywhere before”.

Speaking at the Royal International Air Tattoo the Air Vice-Marshal said: “The team and the technical staff behind it should justifiably be very proud.”

After a decade of flying and with new technology developments over the last 10 years, the aircraft is now the world’s only truly ‘swing’ role jet, able to switch from air-to-air to air-to-surface attack capabilities in the same mission.

Wing Commander Richard Wells, who led the Red Flag mission over the Nevada desert for the RAF, said: “More often than not, Typhoon pilots were being described as ‘slayers’ by the US pilots – that was really nice for me to hear.”

He added: “What it says to me is that, in capabilities terms, Typhoon has growth potential and is robust for the future. I have confidence when I look at it, it is a massive success story.”

The Typhoon was praised significantly for its performance in Operation Ellamy, the Libyan conflict, with Wing Commander Wells saying the operation represented a “coming of age for the aircraft”.