FANUC launches assisted reality service in Europe

Posted on 18 Mar 2021 by Tom Lane

FAUNC has launched its new digital service FAR (FANUC Assisted Reality) in the UK, which provides quicker response times for maintenance issues on FANUC products.

FAR is an app that uses augmented reality to facilitate remote support for FANUC customers. It allows service engineers to identify problems via real-time video and overlaid digital content, which ensures the correct spare parts and tools can be determined during the initial call. It also helps to improve the planning of service visits, owing to optimised error analysis.

Despite already boasting an unrivalled 28-hour average response time from initial call to machine repair, the introduction of FAR is anticipated to bring this down to less than 24-hours. It forms part of FANUC’s commitment to providing ‘lifetime maintenance’, whereby customers can continue to receive support for as long as they are using the product.


Tom Bouchier, Managing Director at FANUC UK, comments: “We’re thrilled to be launching FAR in the UK, particularly at a time when social distancing measures and travel restrictions are putting extra strain on manufacturers. While all of our machines are built to minimise downtime, there will always be the occasional issue, which is where this level of rapid support becomes invaluable.

“Through FAR, our service engineers and technicians will be able to consult with one another, in order to analyse issues together and reach an outcome more quickly. It’s a fantastic example of how the latest in augmented reality technology can allow us to help our customers keep their production lines running.”

A key part of the software’s development has been a focus on ensuring it works in environments with low data transmission. This is combined with an intuitive user interface, which means it will be a viable option for most, if not all, users of FANUC machinery.

Data security is another key feature of FAR, which is only used with the customer’s consent. End-to-end encryption provides security during data exchange, as this has been highlighted as an ongoing consideration across the manufacturing sector.

Tom concludes: “Ultimately, time is money in this industry, and we know that every hour counts when it comes to the operation of production lines. We’ve got a fantastic team of service technicians who are always on-hand to support, and the introduction of FAR removes any further barriers that may exist to reaching our customers as quickly as possible.”

Images supplied by FANUC.