Faulty Boeing seats cause mass cancellations at American Airlines

Posted on 5 Oct 2012

American Airlines has pulled 94 flights after 48 Boeing 757s were found to have the same problem that caused two aircraft to make emergency landings.

A flight from Boston to Miami was forced to make an emergency landing on Saturday when a row of passenger seats lifted up off the floor.

American Airlines later confirmed that blocks of seats three flights have come loose this week, including a flight from Dallas to Colorado.

Vice president of safety at American Airlines, David Campbell, confessed: “The fundamental design of the seat is not as robust as some of the latest designs.”

American Airlines has originally thought the seats were coming loose due the tracking used to secure them but it is now thought that the seats, manufactured by American company Weber Aircraft, are faulty due to poor design and has pins to pop out of the grooves.

The Federal Aviation Administration investigating the problem.