Fire Prevention and Response for Manufacturers

Posted on 9 Oct 2017 by The Manufacturer

Every business, whether you are a small business or an automated manufacturer, needs fire safety measures in place.

Robust fire safety measures are a must for manufacturers. Image courtesy of Wikipedia
Robust fire safety measures are a must for manufacturers. Image courtesy of Wikipedia

All personnel on site should know the correct procedures to reduce fire damage and to evacuate safely. No one should ever be injured during a fire, and proper precautions and procedures can help make that a reality. Though there are measures put in place to reduce and prevent fires, systems fail and old buildings might not be up to code. Ensure your manufacturing site is fire-ready today:

  1. Fire Alarms

The first precaution everyone – from homeowners, to businesses, to manufacturers – should take is to install a fire alarm. As manufactures tend to own and operate on a large site, you need to be extra careful to ensure that when a fire alarm goes off, the entire property is notified. This means that the fire alarms need to be synched and checked regularly So that when one goes off, the entire fire system is activated thus allowing for a full evacuation of the building. It is also useful to have further measures, such as the ability to tell which alarm went off first.

  1. Fire Evacuation

Fire evacuation is important to protect the lives and safety of your workers. Not being adequately prepared on how to evacuate costs workers their lives. That is why you need to implement an effective evacuation plan so that your workers know what to do and where to go when the fire alarm goes off. This also includes initial fire-fighting measures, if, for instance, a worker sees the fire start and can put it out before it becomes dangerous to him or her. Have regular drills and training so that your workers are always prepared.

  1. Regular System Checks

Just because your plant might have all the correct safety systems in place doesn’t mean that they are all guaranteed to work unless you have regular safety checks. These checks, which should go through all safety measures and equipment, are important. It is better to spot a damaged piece of equipment or a potential fire hazard before a fire ever starts.

  1. Fire Safety Measures

There should be fire safety equipment available for your employees, should they get trapped. This includes fire safety blankets, hatchets, and fire extinguishers. Though the best scenario is for them to evacuate before they are in danger, you cannot predict every disaster. Training and properly maintained fire safety equipment could save someone’s life.

  1. Post-Fire Clean-up

If your manufacturing plant has been the site of a fire, you will need to have it professionally cleaned. Cleaning up fire and smoke damage is crucial for your business so you can restart operations safely. A professional & experienced company such as CleanSafe should be used to ensure your employees and customers are safe. You can’t simply clean away the evidence of a fire, for instance. The smell of smoke can linger and cause post event trauma to your employees who were there.

All owners, employers, landlords or other responsible persons are accountable for the fire safety in the workforce. Having a trained workforce, and working fire safety equipment will make you a great employer. Your employees will feel safer, be safer, and will be able to respond effectively. Not only will these measures protect your employees, they will also protect your equipment and building from excessive damage.