From NZ to Wiltshire: Arla to produce Anchor butter in the UK

Posted on 3 Sep 2012

Milk processing company Arla is to start manufacturing Anchor butter in the UK this month, after moving production from New Zealand.

Production will take place at a plant in Westbury, Wiltshire, of which Arla owns a stake together with First Milk and Milk Link. The site will eventually manufacture the entire range of Archor products, while at the moment only block butter is to be produced there.

Arla supply chain director Lars Dalsgaard said: “Bringing production to the UK is part of our long-term growth strategy and the investment at Westbury has facilitated this. It is a further example of Arla’s commitment to the UK as we have created a home for more British cream and are adding value to it.”

Anchor butter is currently produced by Fonterra in New Zealand and then shipped: the decision to move production to Wiltshire is expected to, amonth other things, reduce the company’s carbon footprint.