GE Aviation Wales to cut up to 100 jobs at Nantgarw site

Posted on 20 Jan 2015 by Victoria Fitzgerald

Jet and turboprop engine manufacturer GE Aviation Wales has confirmed plans to cut the workforce at its Nantgarw plant in South Wales by 100.

The organisation maintains that there will no more than 100 voluntary redundancies at the 1,350 strong plant. The news comes following a decrease in the level of ‘engine shop visits’ to the site.

In a statement Chris Doherty, HR leader for GE Aviation Wales, said: “GE Aviation Wales develops an annual business plan for the site based upon the forecasted volume of engine shop visits.

“For 2015, current data shows a significant drop in engine volume requirements compared to 2014 and 2013.

“Taking this into account, we are currently evaluating ways in which we can right size the business to accommodate this reduction.

“We are therefore considering a range of options, including tighter controls around overtime, review of the current shift arrangements and the possibility of a voluntary redundancy programme for Aircraft Engineer grade employees.

“Based on our projections, if we were to progress with a voluntary redundancy programme, we would not anticipate reducing our overall headcount by more than 100 employees.

“Details of any redundancy programme would be the subject of consultation with Unite representatives prior to any final decision being made.

“We remain committed to continuing an open dialogue with our workforce and to providing information and advice to support our employees.”

The firm, in collaboration with Unite representatives, will assess the 2015 business plan for the business to evaluate how many strategies will be required to support the business moving forward.

GE Aviation Wales, which employs almost 1,500 directly, supplies to some of the world’s most prolific airlines. It provides support to the wider economy via its supply chain and has a turnover of £1.5bn.

The organisation is a Welsh Government anchor company. A spokesperson for the Welsh Government, said: “This is disappointing news and a result of uncertainty in the global economy.

“GE continues to play an important role as an anchor company and as a key employer in the local area.”