Honda reveals FCV hydrogen-powered sedan

Posted on 8 Oct 2015 by Cobey Bartels

Honda is set to unveil a production-ready version of the tentatively named FCV (Fuel Cell Vehicle) at this year’s Tokyo motor Show, following the debut of the concept last year.

The FCV is Honda’s first hydrogen-powered production fuel cell vehicle, following the automaker’s hydrogen pilot program that offered the FCX Clarity to a very limited number of customers.

The Honda FCV hydrogen fuel cell vehicle
The Honda FCV hydrogen fuel cell vehicle.

The FCV offers a range of up to 700 kilometres and the fuel cell takes only three to five minutes to refuel. Two high-output electric motors propel the vehicle and ensure efficient use of generated power.

The use of a compact fuel cell allows for a more spacious interior that will easily seat five people, allowing the small sedan to offer space normally reserved for larger vehicles.

Toyota’s hydrogen-powered Mirai will compete directly with the Honda’s offering, although the Mirai only offers a range of roughly 500 kilometres, giving the FCV the upper hand.

Honda appears to have styled the FCV based on the all-new Civic sedan that was recently revealed, which offers chrome detailing and a sleek body shape. The interior of the FCV is high-tech while remaining minimalistic, featuring a large touchscreen center display and Honda’s trademark attention to detail.

An interesting feature of the FCV is that it can be used as a mobile generator in times of emergency when coupled with an external power-feeding inverter. In certain parts of the world, this feature could prove to be valuable.

The official name of the FCV is expected to be announced at the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show which runs for a week from October 29.

Toyota’s foray into the production hydrogen fuel cell market has saw the company introduce the Toyota Mirai, which will be on display alongside the hydrogen powered Hyundai ix35 at the upcoming World Hydrogen Technologies Convention in Sydney, Australia.