How are manufacturers successfully embracing digital transformation?

Posted on 25 Feb 2019 by Maddy White

As 2018 drew to a close, Atos and The Manufacturer brought together leaders from across the manufacturing sector for the fourth annual ‘Transforming Manufacturing, Embracing Digital’ roundtable event, held in Liverpool.

Digital Transformation Internet of Things (IOT) technology with AR (Augmented Reality) on VR dashboard. Businessman making presentation with his colleagues and business strategy digital layer effect at the office - image courtesy of Depositphotos.
The future of manufacturing will be digital – image courtesy of Depositphotos.

A cross-section of industrial senior level manufacturing decision-makers gathered to share their viewpoints on a range of topics, with their thoughts and opinions captured to create the fourth edition of the co-branded Directive on Digital Transformation report.

The evening – hosted by Atos’ VP for Manufacturing, Transport & Retail,  Mukesh Parekh, and the CEO of The Manufacturer, Nick Hussey – kicked off with a keynote on ‘UK manufacturing’s digital future’ from Dr Lina Huertas, head of technology strategy for digital Manufacturing at the Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC).

Dr Huertas’ discussion generated a plethora of lively comments from delegates regarding the opportunities a full digital adoption can offer, as well as the challenges involved in getting started.

It was generally acknowledged that whatever tomorrow holds for UK industry, there is one certainty: the future of manufacturing will be digital. Mapping out how to fully embrace digital transformation however, remains hotly debated.

It was concluded, that in the manufacturing sector of the future, design and development will be de-materialised, with faster and cheaper processes, and results.

Key areas for ‘Manufacturing’s digital future’:

  • Mature digital manufacturing models
  • Immersive and interactive digital twins
  • Probabilistic and prescriptive simulation
  • Smart adaptive factories

Through partnership and collaboration, UK industry now has major opportunities to accelerate progress as it embraces Industry 4.0 technologies that will transform our world.

This section, as well as the entire fourth edition of the Directive on Digital Transformation co-branded report are now available for download here.

An exclusive perspective

This report offers a unique opportunity to hear what leaders in the manufacturing industry are saying first-hand, and how they are handling the issues that are presented to them.

Other areas explored include; Products as a service, convergence of IT/OT and additive manufacturing. 

All summaries from across the event are documented in the report, which also contains key directives to consider when facing your own digital transformation journey.

The fourth edition of the co-branded report builds on the first, second and third editions, make sure you download it here!