How to become a digital leader according to Oracle

Posted on 14 Jan 2016 by The Manufacturer

Digital technologies such as social, mobile, analytics and cloud (SMAC) are changing the way in which businesses operate says IT firm Oracle, which hopes to help UK businesses better navigate the transformation.

Digital technologies are creating blended experiences, where the value of each technology increases because it leverages one or more of the others.

Digital leaders set themselves apart by delivering more interconnected experiences to their customers, which means they also need to open up the exchange of information between their own employees.

From back-office developers to the customer-facing teams, everyone has a role to play in helping the business come up with genuinely transformational services.

Oracle has long been helping businesses to undertake the digital transformation they need to take advantage of new technologies and communications channels.

Central to this endeavour to teach companies how to become a digital leader is our series of Digital Transformation Experiences, a series of co-located conferences for CX; HCM; Finance; Supply Chain, and IT, which comes to London for the first time this February.

Attending our UK event will be more than 2,000 attendees from a wide range of industries, and every conceivable line of business. They will come together to hear from industry experts and organisations, large and small that have undertaken their own successful digital transformation initiatives.

Customer and industry speakers will  include: Baxters; Cabinet Office; CCA; Co-operative; CIPD; CIMA; Kenya Airways; LinkedIn; LV=; Nationwide; Panasonic; RBS; RWG; Standard Life, and Three.

Share in the wealth of experience and insights of our guest speaker Hamish Taylor – who is widely recognised as one of the world’s leading experts on innovation, brand management” and how to put customers at the centre of your business”, and is known as the “master thief”, based on his record of innovation by transferring ideas between sectors.

No line of business can afford to ignore the opportunities that digital promises, which is why Oracle’s Digital Transformation London event will have experts from finance, supply chain, human resources, customer experience and IT backgrounds.

Through a mixture of keynote speakers, workshops, and panel discussions, attendees will gain valuable insight into how they can overcome the challenges of digital transformation, and learn from the best practices of those that have pioneered digital change in their organisations.

Businesses need to be much more aware that digital transformation is not simply a matter of bolting new digital services onto existing infrastructure, or incorporating new ways of working into existing processes. It’s about embedding digital in every aspect of an organisation. Those that wish to build a business that’s truly fit for the digital age cannot afford to miss Oracle’s latest Digital Transformation event.

How to become a digital leader? Find out more and register to attend Oracle’s Modern Supply Chain Experience event on Feb 2-3 in London.