IMI Critical Engineering’s pioneering Valve Doctor™ programme turns 25

Posted on 8 Feb 2024 by The Manufacturer

IMI Critical Engineering’s pioneering Valve Doctor™ programme is celebrating 25 years of developing the next generation of technical experts.

Development programmes are designed to have staying power, though few organisations can lay claim to a quarter-century of success. IMI Critical Engineering is one of those rare exceptions, with the division celebrating 25 years of Valve Doctors in 2024.

For decades, IMI Critical Engineering’s top technical experts have helped customers solve their most complex engineering challenges. In 1999, the Valve Doctor™ programme was conceived as a way to rapidly develop the next generation of technical experts, by compressing a career of learning into seven years or less. It is now an established part of IMI Critical Engineering’s consultancy service, with 83 Valve Doctors working worldwide.

Seven candidates graduated from the acclaimed program in 2023, all having met the necessary requirements to be recognised as fully certified Valve Doctors or Valve Doctor Specialists. Collectively, the graduates share almost 100 years’ experience across the oil and gas, power and marine sectors.

Shelley Notarnicola, Munjong Choi, Sebastian Ansel, Vinita Meissner, Vojtech Pokorny and Uzair Ahmed are now certified Valve Doctors. Alexander Sommer graduates as a Valve Doctor Specialist.

Valve Doctors have three core qualities: expertise in value selling, expertise in innovative design, and expertise in problem solving. Valve Doctor Specialists are recognised for two of these qualities, working on the remaining third as part of becoming fully certified.

Jackie Hu, CEO of Automation at IMI, said: “Valve Doctors are central to delivering breakthrough engineering for a better world. The programme’s long-term study requirements reflect the broad nature of flow control issues found in the field, and the in-depth knowledge and experience required to develop effective solutions with lasting value. This milestone highlights our ongoing commitment to nurture the brightest minds, in turn helping customers to become safer, more efficient and productive.”

Staff who enter the programme study as they work, covering valve design, plant operation, system layout and control system integration. Valve Doctors are IMI Critical Engineering’s most distinguished technical experts, visiting customer sites wherever process flow control problems are found. They will optimise plant performance, working across IMI’s key sectors, which include, power, nuclear, oil and gas and petrochemicals.

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