The Institute for Manufacturing (IfM) free workshops at Smart Factory Expo 2018

Posted on 24 Oct 2018 by Tim Coulthard

Over two days, (14 -15 November) The Institute for Manufacturing (IfM) will be running a number of hands-on taster sessions on their business solution tools including road mapping, automation assessment, ecosystem mapping and portfolio management.

Facilitated by their experienced Industrial Fellows, you’ll have the opportunity to understand how some of these methods could help overcome the challenges your organisation faces.

Bookings for any of the following workshops below can be done once you have registered for Smart Factory Expo – Pre-register here or if you have already registered please click here to book your place.


Workshop 1: Portfolio Management, 14 November, 11.30am

In a way that fits with your strategic objectives

This workshop will:

1.   Introduce you to the scoring method & digitalisation scenarios
2.   Demonstrate how these two pieces of research can help manufacturers of all shapes and sizes
3.   Give you the opportunity to quickly try them out 
4.   Allow you to explore how you might deploy these methods within your manufacturing business
Facilitators: Duncan Hurlstone, Senior Industrial Fellow, IfM Education and Consultancy Services


Workshop 2: Roadmapping, 14 November, 1.30pm

Bring together expertise from across your organisation to define a strategy for the future

This hands-on workshop will guide you through a roadmapping template, showing how it can help your organisation align technological and commercial objectives, as well as detailing our fast-start, resource-efficient approaches to developing roadmaps. 

Watch our video highlighting the benefits of roadmapping.

Facilitators: Dr Imoh Ilevbare, Senior Solution Development Specialist, IfM Education and Consultancy Services 


Workshop 3: Automation Assessment, 15 November, 11.30am
To automate or not? That is the question…

This practical workshop will help you understand the benefits of this approach and demonstrate the impact it can have using project case studies from organisations like Jaguar Land Rover, Foxconn and Schlumberger. 

Facilitators: Liz Salter, Senior Industrial Fellow, IfM Education and Consultancy Services  


Workshop 4: Ecosystem Strategy, 15 November, 1.30pm

Putting customers at the heart of everything you do 

This practical workshop will explore the framework and the importance of your business ecosystem and why it’s vital for maintaining competitive advantage, value creation and service delivery. Through understanding your business ecosystem you will be able to then identify ways to create and capture new value, including opportunities to leverage digital information and technologies as well as create new and disruptive business models.

Facilitators: Dr Florian Urmetzer, Executive Course Director, Institute for Manufacturing

This is a free workshop organised by the Institute for Manufacturing (IfM), University of Cambridge.
The IfM’s mission is to manufacture a better world through the impact of our research and education activities on the manufacturing community. To support this objective, we are only accepting bookings from manufacturing and technology organisations for this workshop – we will not be accepting bookings from consultancies.