Jaguar Land Rover invests £1.4m in NAIC professor

Posted on 29 Jul 2013

Jaguar Land Rover will invest £1.4 million over five years to create a new professorship at the National Automotive Innovation Campus with WMG at the University of Warwick.

The new appointment will lead a team that will carry out research in advanced propulsion systems, which are considered critical to enabling the UK automotive industry to embrace new vehicle technologies and deliver a low carbon future.

The move is part of a long-term strategy at NAIC designed to ensure that this new research base enhances the UK’s capability in key research areas that can improve the supply chain and benefit the wider economy.

Professor Lord Bhattacharyya, chairman and founder of WMG, comments: “What we are building with NAIC will be the largest research facility of its kind outside of Germany. NAIC will provide the critical mass of research capability to assist the development of a stronger supplier base and address the skills shortage of skilled R&D staff. The new JLR chair will help drive forward the research challenge in the area of advanced propulsion systems, a key enabler for highly fuel efficient and environmentally friendly vehicles.”

Tony Harper, head of research and advanced system engineering at JLR, also commented: “This research is an exciting and important academic challenge which is essential to drive forward the advanced propulsion systems that could power future generations of vehicles.”

Construction of the £100m National Automotive Innovation Campus will begin in 2014. When completed, NAIC is expected to represent a R&D resource for the UK automotive industry, with initial revenue programmes exceeding £45 million already committed.