Jobs in big pharma offer solid future prospects

Posted on 24 Mar 2017 by The Manufacturer

Sometimes it’s really strange the way that news should be hitting the headlines and sometimes is either ignored or relegated to some interior page of a newspaper or the late night edition of the networks’ daily news.

Recently, this was the case with a meeting between President Donald J. Trump and members of Big Pharma when he told them that the United States is through with treatments and it’s time to go all out for ‘the cure.’

So with the US federal government now pushing pharmaceutical companies to deliver on treatments that have so far eluded them, the nation’s leading online medical lab science programs, like the one from the University of Cincinnati, are on a recruitment drive to help potential students get in on ground-breaking cures for cancer or even diabetes? If you are thinking of entering the field of medical laboratory science, Big Pharma offers a future, especially within these particular jobs.

Pharmaceutical research scientist

While many research scientists hold a masters or doctorate degree in the field, an online bachelor of science degree in medical laboratory science would enable you to land a job as a pharmaceutical research scientist. Yes, you’d be in an entry level position, but steps above a technologist and, in time, you might even grow into a position of being a team leader in a research program set on finding a cure previously thought impossible.

The average pay rate at this point in time is over $82,000 and this includes those with a bachelor’s degree. As you work your way up the academic ladder, pay will increase accordingly, but a six figure income in a couple years for someone with a BS degree is nothing to scoff at either!

Outside sales reps in pharmaceuticals

A sales rep doesn’t necessarily need a degree in laboratory science or in pharmacology, but it sure would help in more than one respect! Consider the fact that an outside rep will be traveling the country speaking, for the most part, to doctors and clinicians who are knowledgeable on the industry. When speaking to professionals within the field of medicine, it comes off as a bit unprofessional if they can speak the language and you can’t.

For this reason, many pharmaceutical companies seek out sales reps with experience in the lab or those fresh out of school with a working knowledge of disease, the human condition and, of course, pharmaceuticals. No, we don’t yet have a cure for cancer or even the common cold, but we do have medicines that can lessen the duration and severity of symptoms, and it is in understanding these things that a sales rep can often make a sale where others fail.

Will Trump’s mandate succeed?

So then, no one knows how successful President Trump will be in mandating that Big Pharma finds cures today’s major diseases, but we do know that the push is on! As a medical laboratory scientist or research assistant, you really could be in on the ground floor of finally finding a cure that has been eluding medical science for years. With a bigger budget and a little push from the Feds, it just might finally happen!