Kier partners with STEM Returners to get people back into the industry

Posted on 18 Jan 2023 by The Manufacturer

Leading UK construction and infrastructure services company Kier is working with STEM Returners to help people get back to work after a career break. A variety of roles will be offered across the country, in both sites and offices and will play a vital role in the group’s delivery of its projects.

STEM Returners will source candidates for the programme and will provide returners with additional support including advice, career coaching, networking opportunities and mentoring; ensuring applicants are ready and confident to return to work.

Applicants will undertake a fully paid 12-week ‘returnship’ which allows candidates to be reintegrated into an inclusive environment upon their return to STEM. All the roles Kier is putting through STEM Returners are permanent roles, meaning the applicant has an opportunity to continue at the Group at the end of the 12-weeks.

The mentoring and coaching platform will be available for returners for 12 months, so they continue to be supported as they fulfil their role.

Kier is working with STEM Returners to help people get back to work after a career break

Kier is working with STEM Returners to help people get back to work after a career break

Tracey Collins, head of diversity & inclusion at Kier Group, said: “At Kier, we are committed to attracting and retaining new talent and being an inclusive employer. We understand that people may take career breaks, for whatever reason, and that should not prevent future employment opportunities.

“We are pleased to be working with STEM Returners to provide a programme which not only allows engineers to re-join the workforce, but which also provides training and support to help them thrive.”

Natalie Desty, Director of STEM Returners, said: “Vacancies in the construction sector remain high as demand for workers continues to outstrip supply. But there is a hidden workforce that are overlooked because they have a gap on their CV.

“We are very proud to be entering this new partnership with Kier, to return highly skilled people back into the industry they love. Only by partnering with industry leaders like Kier, will we make vital changes in STEM recruitment practices, to help those who are finding it challenging to return to the sector and improve diversity and inclusion.”

To find out more about Kier’s commitment to being an inclusive employer, visit our D&I roadmap:

Since STEM Returners first launched in 2017, more than 310 candidates have joined programmes across the UK. To view STEM Returners opportunities, visit

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