Leeds manufacturer cuts emissions with solar investment

Posted on 4 Mar 2024 by The Manufacturer

A Leeds-based manufacturer is drastically reducing its carbon emissions, thanks to the installation of a new state-of-the-art solar energy system.

Kingfisher Lubrication, a leading manufacturer of high-quality grease fittings, is taking a big step in its sustainability journey by installing a cutting-edge solar PV system across approximately one third of its roof space. This bold move will not only take the edge off the firm’s energy bills, but also enable Kingfisher to power 30% of its production with clean, renewable, sun-kissed energy.

The energy savings will assist in freeing up cash to invest in its 46-strong workforce and ensure an even greener and happier place to work. Since transitioning to employee ownership in 2020, Kingfisher has been focusing even more on implementing feedback from its employees, with sustainability coming out high on the agenda.

Kingfisher is now diving headfirst into another investment project aimed at bolstering its energy-efficient machinery, meaning the company can begin to say goodbye to high carbon emitting techniques common in manufacturing processes.

Kingfisher’s efforts don’t stop there. From LED lighting and extensive recycling efforts, they’re leading the charge in going green.

Helped along by funding from Lloyds Bank’s Clean Growth Financing Initiative, arming the manufacturer with substantial support for the solar panels and eco-friendly machinery, Kingfisher is catapulting its 150-year-old business into an electrifying new phase of sustainability and innovation.

Serving global giants like JCB and Scania, Kingfisher is setting the standard for other leading manufacturers to follow suit and go that little bit greener.

Helen Thornley, Financial Director and Company Secretary at Kingfisher Lubrication said: “We’re well aware of the need for the manufacturing industry to lower its carbon footprint and we have been working hard to bring down our emissions where we can, with solar energy high on our green wish list. But with tight budgets and energy costs shooting up, that’s been difficult to make happen. With Lloyds Bank’s support, we now have the foundations in place to make our ambitions a reality.

“We knew we needed support for the next leg of our journey. Thanks to Lloyds Bank’s funding, and our solar installation partner Heatsource Direct, we can now get 30% of our electricity from solar sources, save money and meet the environmental needs of our clients.

“It is comforting to know the bank is consistently there for us, ready to lend a hand whenever we want to grow and become more eco-friendly.”

Scott Hickling, Relationship Manager at Lloyds Bank, said: “Helen and the team at Kingfisher Lubrication are setting the standard for fellow manufacturing firms aspiring to amplify their green efforts.

“Attentive to customer demands and employee desires for greater sustainability credentials, they’ve made changes to their infrastructure and manufacturing processes wherever possible to minimise their emissions.

“We’re committed to standing alongside Kingfisher as they continue to contribute to making the manufacturing sector that little bit greener, and we support others on the same journey.”

To find out more about Kingfisher Lubrication, visit kingfisherlubrication.co.uk.

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