Lucite International wins gold standard award

Posted on 3 Jul 2015 by The Manufacturer

The company has been awarded the Cogent Skills Gold Standard Skills Award at the Chemical Industry Association Awards.

The judges said Lucite International had made a clear return on investment, “completing a major overhaul that involved breaking over 5,000 joints without any loss of containment on start-up and without any serious incidents”.

Jessica Bell, learning and development manager at Lucite International, commented: “We were really delighted to come away with the award and that the judges recognised that we have a comprehensive approach to training with a focus is on developing our employees across both functional and technical areas.

“We are particularly pleased that the judges highlighted our ‘Line of Fire’ Programme and our Graduate Development Framework. We are proud that Lucite International’s safety performance ranks among the best in the chemical industry thanks to our commitment to ongoing training and awareness.”

The Gold Standard Skills Award aims to showcase employers in the science industries sector contributing most to the development of skills in the workforce and proactively reducing the skills gap.

The award is open to any company in the science industries sector that follows an active programme set out by the Gold Standard framework to tackle four main skills areas: technical competence; business improvement; compliance, and functional and behavioural skills.

Entrants also have to demonstrate how their skills activities support the company’s strategic business plan, a continuous learning approach to develop employees’ knowledge and skills, innovative training and the benefits seen by the business through increasing skills development.

John Holton, director of strategy, from Cogent Skills said: “Lucite International deserves to win this award for its commitment to skills development in the workforce. Adopting Gold Standard frameworks to guide workforce development is a reliable guarantee that a company will get the skills it needs to remain up-to-date and competitive in its markets.”