MACH 2016: so much more than just a daytrip

Posted on 10 Mar 2016 by The Manufacturer

If there is one manufacturing technologies exhibition you visit in Europe this year, make it MACH 2016. MACH is the UK’s largest and most well established manufacturing technologies showcase, organised by the industry for the industry.

We are a mere few short weeks away from the curtain rising on what I know will be the UK’s manufacturing technology event of the year – MACH 2016 (11 – 15 April – Birmingham, NEC).

(2016) James Selka - CEO, MTA
James Selka, CEO, MTA.

When The Manufacturer asked me to write this column to preview this edition of MACH, I thought back to 2014 when I attended the exhibition as a visitor, before I took up my position as CEO of the Manufacturing Technologies Association (MTA) and was a director of a precision engineering company.

I thought to myself, what would I have liked to have known before I attended? That’s when two things struck me, I remembered leaving the exhibition and thinking to myself, “I wish I had scheduled more than one day to attend and I wish I had brought more of my colleagues with me.”

The simple fact was, there was so much to see, so many opportunities to network and so many chances to learn from other organisations that I couldn’t fit it into one day.

So my suggestion to you is not to make the same mistake I did in 2014.

You see, it is as much about the knowledge being transferred and having some of the industries brightest minds all in one place, as it is the equipment on show and the wonderful exhibitors.

So why not take advantage of this opportunity and experience everything MACH 2016 has to offer?

When I say bring your colleagues I mean it. MACH 2016 will have something that reflects all aspects of your business and that in itself can help to inspire your staff or introduce them to a new way of thinking.

For instance, I wish I had attended the seminar programme in 2014 and if I’d have bought a colleague we could have split our time better.

This year we have two seminar theatres and some great speakers lined up to cover a variety of topics affecting modern manufacturing. So make sure you check the MACH website to plan your day carefully before you come so not to miss out.

I’ll whet your appetite for the MACH 2016 seminar programme, with just a little taste of what is in store for you. We have speakers from some of industry’s best known OEM’s and institutions including: Airbus; Messier-Dowty; McLaren; Cranfield University, and HS2.

On April 13 there will be an in-depth look at Industry 4.0, and on April 14 attention will turn to additive manufacturing, with a particular focus on the 3D printing revolution.

MACH 2014 (Image - Copyright Paul Thomas Photography Ltd.).
MACH 2014 (Image courtesy of Paul Thomas Photography Ltd.).

Not only will these lead to healthy discussions around these fascinating topics, but they are also an opportunity to glean knowledge that could directly benefit your business.

After the seminar presentations conclude, there will be plenty of opportunities to network with evening sessions being hosted by Airbus; the Ministry of Defence; Messier-Dowty, and Siemens Power Generation.

So if all that hasn’t got you excited, let me present a few facts about the show, because getting all this technology and all these great companies under one roof creates a fertile environment to get business done.

More than £177m of business was attributed to the show in 2014 and we are confident that we’ll surpass this mark in 2016.

MACH is a hub for the UK manufacturing technologies and advanced engineering sectors. MACH can also be seen as a barometer for measuring confidence in the UK manufacturing and considering we have run out of floor space and have a waiting list of exhibitors desperate attend, I can undoubtedly say confidence is high.

MNB Precision is capable of machining parts up to 11m long and 1m in diameter.
MACH is a hub for the UK manufacturing technologies and advanced engineering sectors.

Exhibitors will come to MACH 2016 because they know it is the place to get business done.

So what are you waiting for?

Make sure you don’t miss out like I did in 2014 by making sure you come to MACH 2016 in force and for more than just a day.

Visitor registration is now open at, register today and beat the queues.

Make sure your company is properly getting the benefits of the UK’s premier manufacturing technologies event – we look forward to hosting you at the MACH 2016.