The Manufacturer Director’s Forum Dinner: Supply Chain & Operations 4.0

Posted on 18 Jul 2018 by The Manufacturer

A hub of supply chain opertations 4.0-related thought leadership resources for those UK manufacturing executives who attended the Director’s Forum Dinner on 18 July, co-hosted with Dassault Systémes.

Smart supply chains: are we there yet? New digital tools give manufacturers the opportunity to improve efficiency and revues. But as The Manufacturer reports, it is not quite as simple as that:

How is digitisation transforming supply chains? Manufacturers are increasingly recognising the opportunities that digital technologies can provide both internally to their businesses and across the extended supply chains in which they operate.

Dr Jag Srai discusses how companies can evaluate these opportunities and take practical steps towards the digitisation of their operations and supply chain:

Digital technology has become a core component of modern manufacturing, helping businesses to innovate, produce, sell and service more effectively. To realise the greatest gains, manufacturing executives need to safely and successfully lead their businesses through this digitalised ‘Industrial Renaissance’.

To better understand the proactive steps necessary to become a digital leader, The Manufacturer spoke with John Kitchingman, managing director, EuroNorth for Dassault Systèmes:

This is a testing time for UK supply chain managers, with Brexit and the wider trend of de-globalisation threatening to significantly alter supply chains across the globe. Here are seven tips on how to take control of your supply chain post-Brexit:

Achieving the United Nation’s ‘Global Goals for Sustainable Development’ could create market opportunities worth US$12 trillion. The Manufacturer reports on the launch of a collaborative platform to help businesses grasp those opportunities:

The Annual Manufacturing Report 2018 found that four-in-five (80%) of UK manufacturers surveyed believe that ‘smart factory’ technologies will help improve their supply chain relationships:

Download your free copy of the Annual Manufacturing Report 2018 here.

Handling 30 million parts and 9,000 vehicles every day, it’s little wonder that its world logistics centre sits at the very heart of BMW Group’s globe-spanning operation. The Manufacturer reports on BMW’s vision for logistics of the future, one which includes transparent supply chains, autonomous vehicles, collaborative robots, augmented reality and eco-transport:

Blockchain: a new paradigm for supply chain security? How do supply chain managers really know where their deliveries come from? Is there a way to track and trace a product’s journey with 100% confidence? Does blockchain provide the supply chain security we need?

Whitepapers & eBooks:

Digitalisation & Continuity Four key characteristics define modern manufacturing, allowing expansion in today’s on-demand experience economy: creative, smart, connected value streams and empowered human ingenuity. This eBook explores all four and how manufacturers can win the global race for acquiring new customers and engaging existing ones.

Unleashing the Power of AI a whitepaper which dispels the myths surrounding machine learning’s ability to automate and augment business processes and explores the wealth of opportunities on the not-too-distant horizon.  

End to End Digital Supply ChainThe way we work, learn and consume has changed, and so has the we way design, manufacture and distribute. Five converging technologies are changing supply chains into connected value chains, and this presentation offers a realistic short to mid-term vision and roadmap for how to get there.

UK’s largest digital manufacturing showcase returns in 2018

The Manufacturer’s Digital Manufacturing Week brings together technology, finance and manufacturers in an annual celebration of British industry.

Six thousand future-facing manufacturing executives in the same place, at the same time – with enough space to reach out to one another and build better businesses.

That, in a nutshell, is what we are bringing to the table with Digital Manufacturing Week 2018 – five days of factory tours, awards, workshops and high-level conferences that reach a crescendo in the middle of November in everyone’s favourite city.

13 – 16 November, Exhibition Centre Liverpool