The eight elements needed to manufacture extraordinary customer experiences

Posted on 27 Oct 2020 by The Manufacturer

SugarCRM look at the eight elements needed to manufacture extraordinary customer experiences and connect with your client base.

The manufacturing industry is in the middle of a massive transformation. Artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, servitisation, the rapid growth of e-commerce… these and other advancements have put your competition a mere click, swipe or voice command away.

This means people’s overall experiences as customers — defined by ease, convenience, and competitive pricing — are making it harder for manufacturers to please them.

Whether you call yourself a manufacturer or manufacturing brand, the implications are the same: Countless kinds of customer relationships are emerging, and you need to be ready to nurture them all if you want to succeed. For a manufacturing business to survive and thrive, simply producing a great product is no longer enough, and neither is focusing on relationships with dealers, distributors, or retailers alone. Successful manufacturers recognise it is time to get good at juggling relationships with a wide range of partners and end customers. Successful manufacturers recognise the need to create extraordinary experiences for customers, too.

There’s a lot of noise — about AI, IoT and digital disruption at large. But while these digital trends all impact what it means to be a manufacturer today, too much focus on them can distract you from what’s really front and centre to your business: your customer.

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Taking care of existing customers, as well as new ones, is vital to the health of your business. In fact, research from Gartner suggests that 81% of marketers say their companies will soon be competing mostly or completely on the basis of customer experience within a few years. If that sounds overwhelming, consider this: Research shows it’s far more expensive to build relationships with new customers than it is to earn the loyalty of existing ones, and that customer acquisition costs have increased by nearly 50% in just five years.

Join us as we explore eight critical elements that will help manufacturers of all sizes build those essential customer experiences and gain a vital competitive edge, including case studies from AGFA Healthcare and Materion.

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