Manufacturer offers vital solution to businesses facing difficulty from CO2 shortage

Posted on 11 Mar 2022 by The Manufacturer

UK beverage manufacturers using CO2 during the production process can safeguard their future, mitigate supply issues, and ensure their products make it onto store shelves through the addition of an innovative solution-based carbonation aid that enhances the end product. 

A Yorkshire-based manufacturing business that specialises in keeping carbonated drinks fizzier for longer is offering a vital business lifeline to soft drinks brands and manufacturers facing increasing costs arising from CO2 supply issues.

Experts at global business CO2Sustain, pioneers of the carbonation aid CO2 Sustain®, have seen an unprecedented 200% increase in enquiries since the start of this year after being inundated with requests for help as many soft drink manufacturers and bottling businesses look to protect dwindling carbon dioxide stocks. CO2 Sustain® enables manufacturers to use less CO2 in their carbonated drinks with their innovative bubble technology.

Less CO2 is required during the manufacturing and bottling processes enabling more beverage to be produced without using as much CO2, preserving valuable stocks of the gas as the shortage continues to worsen.  CO2 Sustain® can enable manufacturers to make 10 – 15% more beverages from the same amount of CO2.

The clever carbonation technology ensures that the same carbonation sensory profile is achieved with less added CO2.

Scarce CO2 supplies continue to prompt fears of a soft drinks shortage and concerns in other priority areas such as healthcare and food manufacture, where CO2 is a vital resource. 

Sources at CO2Sustain report that some customers in the UK soft drinks industry are now having to pay ever increasing prices for CO2.

CO2 Sustain has ramped up production of its patented carbonation aid, CO2 Sustain® fourfold in the first quarter of this year as soft drinks manufacturers look to make their CO2 supplies go further. 

From its manufacturing base in Leeds, CO2Sustain’s team of technical innovations chemists developed the preservative-free carbonation aid to increase the carbon dioxide content and extend the carbonation shelf life of soft drinks, using an exclusive formulation.  

Simply added during the manufacturing process, CO2 Sustain® works by discouraging bubbles from merging into larger bubbles. This controls foam during filling of bottles and increases the perception of fizziness in the finished beverage.

Jonathan Stott, business manager at CO2Sustain. Image credit: CO2Sustain
Jonathan Stott, business manager at CO2Sustain

Jonathan Stott, business manager at CO2Sustainsaid: “Increasingly we are seeing manufacturers actively looking to reduce the amount of CO2 used per beverage to make the amount they procure go further. They are also looking to reduce waste and in some cases find alternative gases where possible with the likelihood of CO2 supplies being prioritised for manufacturers in healthcare and food production sectors as the crisis escalates. 

“This is a challenging time for UK beverage manufacturers. This is exacerbated by spiralling production costs including raw materials, labour, energy, transportation and delivery. CO2 Sustain® presents a viable business solution that has been specifically formulated to make sure drinks don’t lose carbonation and stay fizzy for longer, meaning less carbon dioxide is required in the first place and less is also wasted. This is proving to be a valuable business benefit for many of our customers, especially with the added uncertainty on global supplies and spiralling transportation costs. The availability of CO2 Sustain® is good news for the UK carbonated drinks market as it allows drinks manufacturers and brands to formulate their products by using up less of their CO2 reserves and ensure supply levels of their products can be maintained for retail.”