The Manufacturer: Most watched videos of 2018!

Posted on 1 Jan 2019 by Maddy White

In 2018, The Manufacturer produced more videos than any previous 12 month period, covering key questions including: how vulnerable is the sector to cyber-attack; how is digital tech having a positive impact of on staff, how to narrow the UK’s productivity gap, what does the future of employee engagement look like, and much more.

1) How vulnerable is the manufacturing sector to cyber-attack?

Stuart Moulton from Cisco’s cybersecurity team assesses outcomes, risks and mitigation within the rapidly evolving cybersecurity threat landscape.

2) All the action from Industrial Data Summit 2018

Almost 80 manufacturers in a room talking all-things big data across a series of expertly-hosted discussion tables, each sponsored by a world class solutions provider.

The majority of delegates (80%) want to attend Industrial Data Summit 2019 – and if you watch this video, it’s easy to see why.

3) How can manufacturers evolve their supply chains into ‘value chains’?

John Kitchingman, Managing Director of Euro North at Dassault Systémes, discusses how manufacturers can take the step up and turn their supply chain in to a value chain through achieving greater agility.

4) How is Airbus investing in the UK for the long-term?

Katherine Bennett, senior vice president at Airbus UK, explains how Airbus is investing in the UK for the long-term, as well as the ways in which data and connectivity are helping to boost supply chain collaboration.

Are the executive leadership teams of manufacturing businesses in ‘Digital Transformation denial’?

Infor’s Andrew Kinder discusses the common inhibitors to embracing digital and describes some of the impressive gains he’s seen industrial businesses achieve.

6) Addressing the UK’s infamous ‘productivity gap’

Unplanned downtime has affected more than 80% of all companies over the past three years, yet digital technology can help address the costs, causes & repercussions, as well as helping to prevent major failures. Deborah Sherry, Senior Vice President & Chief Commercial Officer of GE Digital Europe, explains how.

7) What does the future of employee engagement look like?

The career expectations of millennials are vastly different from that exhibited by previous generations, and the notion of a ‘job for life’ is rapidly fading away.

With workers now very much in the driving seat, it is absolutely vital that businesses invest in their workplace culture and employee experience. Salesforce’s Adam Spearing  explains how digital tools and hyper-connectivity are driving the future of Employee Engagement.

8) How is digital technology having a positive impact of on the industrial workforce?

GE’s Mark Elborne & Vincent Champain discuss how digital technology is fundamentally re-shaping the industrial work environment, and how this is impacting the manufacturing workforce.

9) Juergen Maier on the Made Smarter North West Pilot launch

Details for the government and industry-led £20m North West Made Smarter Pilot were revealed at The Manufacturer’s Digital Manufacturing Week 2018, which took place in November in Liverpool. The initiative’s Chair, Juergen Maier, sat down to discusses how the pilot represents an important first step in a more widespread industrial digitalisation for the UK.

10) How Artificial Intelligence is transforming manufacturing

Elisbeth Olafsdottir, UK Business Lead Analytics and AI for Microsoft, discusses how AI is changing the way manufacturers go about their business.