Meet The Manufacturer Top 100 2020 Exemplars: Anil Thomas

Posted on 30 Jun 2021 by Daniel Kirmatzis

The Manufacturer TOP100 is an annual celebration of one hundred people working in the UK manufacturing industry that are making a significant impact. As we ask you to nominate someone you think deserves to be recognised this year we take a look back at some of our winners from 2020.

The Manufacturer TOP100 celebrates people going that extra mile in the manufacturing industry. Registrations are now open to nominate someone you think deserves to be recognised in 2021. As we look forward to this year’s winners being announced during Digital Manufacturing Week 2021 in Liverpool in November, we take a look back at some of our 2020 Exemplar award winners. Each year, a select number of the TOP100 are chosen by our judging panel for special recognition, we call them ‘Exemplars’.

Anil Thomas Head of Business Operations and Strategy Siemens PLC (Motion Control Manufacturing – Congleton)

Anil started his journey in manufacturing after graduating in Mechanical Engineering from India. As a graduate engineer with Tata Group within their ceramics manufacturing division, he led shifts and departments, solving a variety of problems each day. He then had the opportunity to work in the Middle East with Etihad Engineering in their material planning division, which provided a great insight into a service organisation and how a wide variety of engineering activities come together. He says, “It was clear that what I enjoyed most was bringing products to life through various manufacturing process.”

Anil Thomas

Anil decided to move to the UK to complete a Masters in Manufacturing Systems with WMG, and for the past 8 years has worked for “one of the best manufacturing plants within the Siemens network. I am fortunate to currently handle various operational and strategic roles, looking at the operations and business strategy of
the site, aligning with the network strategy and the global manufacturing plans as well as on-boarding new products. One of my greatest achievements recently was being part of the team that worked on the UK Ventilator Challenge and I am incredibly proud of what we achieved in collaboration.”

He continues,“As a leader, I am always considering how Siemens Congleton can be a world class manufacturing location in the UK for generations to come. My passion lies in realising necessary organisational capabilities to answer tomorrow’s questions, both within manufacturing and wider business contexts. I relate to the book by Jim Collins, titled Good to Great, where he defines a leader as a person with great humility and a persistent will to win. A few qualities that I keep close to my heart are showing great flexibility and adaptability to various situations and actively listening and showing sensitivity to people.”

In their own words

What is your favourite engineered/manufactured product?

Not a product as such but whenever I see an engineered piece, be it an jet engine or a Lego model, my mind naturally tries to work out how best one would have manufactured and assembled it.

Please give one interesting fact about yourself that not many people know.

I enjoy being part of stage productions, and like to perform and sing. I won’t claim I am good at it but I do enjoy being part of a creative process.

If you weren’t in manufacturing what would your dream job be?

I enjoy cooking very much and my grandmother always thought I would be a chef.

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