Michigan Home Building on the Rise – Lack of Workers Could Slow Down the Growth

Posted on 4 Jan 2018 by The Manufacturer

It seems as though the Michigan housing market is enjoying a rebound of sorts, as numbers show a steady but modest growth in the number of new homes being built in 2017.

More and more new homes are being built in Michigan. Image courtesy of Flickr - midiman
More and more new homes are being built in Michigan. Image courtesy of Flickr – midiman

Single-family home construction was predicted to grow by 4.2% this year, which is over last year’s numbers. While it may sound like all good news in 2017 there are some problems rising to the surface and that’s the lack of qualified workers. Should the lack of workers continue, it could end up affecting the growth in the industry for next year, something no-one wants to see happen.

The month of July marked a seven-year low in the unemployment rate in Michigan, and again it was a double-edged sword. Sure, fewer people were unemployed, but it also became increasingly obvious that there was a reduction in the workforce, especially Michigan’s skilled labor force. Since the year 2000, the state has lost approximately 326,000 workers.

While there are plenty of forces at play here, part of the problem is that experts in the industry believe that people just aren’t being encouraged to pursue careers in construction anymore. For those currently looking for work or looking to change careers, it looks like this could be the ideal time to pursue a job in construction.

Getting a Builders License Can Be Done Online

Often, people hold back from switching careers simply because they aren’t sure what’s involved in getting licensed and educated. Michigan builders license online training courses through Michigan Builders License & Continuing Competency is an excellent way to get into the growing industry. Get enrolled in the continuing competency or the pre-license education course. The course is 60 hours in length and is completed online, making it very convenient and flexible for people. Not only that but you can find a variety of educational tools all meant to help a person get started in the construction industry.

As the labor force continues to shrink and the demand for new home construction goes up, it seems as though this is the perfect time to get licensed.

A Slow but Steady Rebound

While the construction industry isn’t expected to rebound back to the boom it enjoyed in the late 1990s and early 2000s, there is a steady increase that is happening. What experts are watching is how fast and how big these increases are in relation to the decrease in the labor force. The further these two numbers move from each other, the more in-demand skilled and licensed workers will be. Not only that, but it will also help to drive wages up.

As we head into 2018, experts predict the labor shortage to continue as interest grows in lower-priced housing and condos. With the baby boomers aging, they are looking to downsize, which means housing needs to be available to them. All of these factors combined could add up to the perfect time to break into the industry and start making your mark.