“Most efficient design process yet” at Morgan Motor Co.

Posted on 18 Jul 2012

Morgan Motor Company has used Autodesk's Autodesk Alias, Showcase and 3ds Max to reduce customer waiting time for its popular 3 Wheeler from a matter of years to a matter of months.

Senior designer Jon Wells said in a press statement that Morgan Motor Company has been able to meet early deadlines for marketing material before the 3 Wheeler was even produced.

Demand for the model is particularly strong in the US, and the company’s consistently full export order book has helped it buck the economic trend. It is now “selling more cars than ever” according to managing director, Charles Morgan.

Matt Humpheries, chief designer and his team at Morgan Motor Company has used Autodesk visualisation software for years, but the design of the 3 Wheeler has been particularly fast and efficient thanks to Autodesk Alias, Showcase and 3ds Max.

Mr Humpheries emphasised the way in which the design process differs from bigger car companies: “Because we are such a small company, it’s easier to interact with the rest of the factory – this is vital because we can sketch out whatever we want, but at the end of the day it needs to be manufactured!”

There are 160 workers at Morgan Motor Company, including 15 apprentices

“Interaction with our guys in the workshop who actually make these cars is, therefore, absolutely essential,” he added.

Humpheries also highlighted another important aspect of being a small automotive manufacturer of high quality cars: “When we need to redesign a part, we can very easily get the directors in, whizz through the ideas, and very quickly make a decision.”

“The skills and charm of traditional coach building are not lost at this point,” explained Mr Wells. “The Autodesk Alias model is then chopped into cross sections and an accurate 3D wooden buck produced.”

“Skilled panel beaters accurately replicate the surfaces in sheet metal and then paint and lower the body over one of the existing platforms. The concept car is born and ready to be exhibited worldwide,” Wells added.

The design department at Morgan Motors is able to use Autodesk’s Showcase software to secure deposits on models before they have even been made – in the case of the 3 Wheeler it secured 300 before the first one even rolled off the production line.

The kind of visualisation software the design team at Morgan Motor Company uses also allows for customers to customise their own car and see it as it will look after production.