Most expensive truck ever built unveiled by Mack Trucks in Australia

Posted on 20 Oct 2015 by Cobey Bartels

Mack Trucks has unveiled the most glamorous Super-Liner ever made, boasting a six-camera CCTV system, 685HP and 72,000 stitches of gold thread.

The Volvo-owned manufacturer spent a year developing the truck at its Wacol headquarters in Australia and finally unveiled it in King George Square in the city of Brisbane’s CBD on October 15.

The Super-Liner was designed and built for Malaysia’s Sultan of Johor, Ibrahim Ismail, allowing him to tow his private powerboat around Malaysia.

While the exact price of the heavy-duty rig has been kept secret, it exceeds the previous $481,000 record for a customised US-built truck.

The Sultan made his approval clear with praise for not only Mack Trucks, but also Australian engineering as whole.

“I have always appreciated Australia’s engineering skills and have collected a few Holden cars over the years.

“Mack has done a wonderful job and I’m looking forward to showing its workmanship to the people of Johor as soon as the Super-Liner is shipped over,” Ismail said.

Mack Trucks vice-president Dean Bestwick met with the Sultan in Singapore and planning began.

“We’d never contemplated the features that have been included in His Majesty’s truck.

“This is the most luxurious truck to have been built in Australia and probably the planet,” Bestwick said according to an Australasian Transport News report.

Some of the Mack truck’s additional features include two flat screen TVs, PlayStation consoles, a stone-topped kitchen area, barbecue, double bed, and a solid-gold tiger hood ornament.

According to a Big Rigs report, a team of engineers will perform a test run of the Super-Liner towing the Sultan’s powerboat in Singapore after it is shipped over from Brisbane.

The Sultan’s first drive in his new Mack truck will be for charity once it arrives in Malaysia.