Natalie Watson, The Vita Group on delivering valuable environmental impact data

Posted on 17 Nov 2022 by Joe Bush

Measuring and calculating our environmental impact is a challenge. Especially when the lion’s share of our emissions sits across our value chain, where our sphere of influence decreases and our element of control is even lower.

However, it is a challenge we’re leaning in to. Digital technologies and digitised supply chain management have made our emissions data more robust, but we know we’re on a long journey – it’s laborious and complex. The notion it’ll get easier will only be realised when we all take climate change seriously and push legislation to bring the technologies we need to market sooner.

During her keynote at Manufacturing Leaders’ Summit, part of Digital Manufacturing Week, Natalie Watson, Group Head of Sustainability, The Vita Group, spoke about how best to display data in a way that tells the whole story in a simple way, and the challenges of our decarbonisation journey – including understanding, validating, and tracking emissions generated in our value chain.

She will also discuss The Vita Group’s emissions data journey. Where the company started in 2019 up to the present day and how Vita are dealing with Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions. The Manufacturer caught up with Natalie at the show to find out more.

Natalie is responsible for driving through advocacy and partnerships and leading the transformational change to deliver against each of the Vita Group’s four principle areas of ‘Enhancing everyday life’ Sustainability Plan; Driving Circularity, Optimising Resources, Empowering People and Acting Ethically. Prior to this role, Natalie was Responsible Business Lead for the property services company the Extentia Group – leading the responsible business and sustainable development strategy across 11 legal entities.