New partnership announced to help organisations better handle supply chain issues

Posted on 8 Jun 2022 by James Devonshire

A new partnership between an industry cloud provider and a global supply chain insights and risk analytics specialist will help organisations better prepare for and deal with supply chain issues.

Infor has announced that it has entered into a technology partnership with Everstream Analytics to help organisations better anticipate and navigate supply chain risks and disruptions. Through the partnership, Infor will integrate Everstream’s end-to-end supply chain risk assessment and monitoring data with its Infor Nexus multienterprise business network platform.

The Infor Nexus Control Center, an end-to-end supply chain control tower, provides organizations with visibility to orders, shipments and inventory throughout the supply chain — delivering intelligent, actionable insights through its connectivity to carriers, logistics service providers (LSPs), suppliers and manufacturers.

Everstream’s solution will complement these capabilities by providing data on external events — such as weather, labor strikes, port congestion, cybersecurity, ESG (environmental, social, and governance), and partner risks (physical and financial) — that could impact a company’s supply chain flows and its ability to deliver.

By combining Everstream’s risk monitoring intelligence with the other insights in Infor’s digital supply chain platform, Infor will provide customers with a single supply chain control tower which provides end-to-end visibility and predictive alerts to numerous supply chain events and their impacts, helping them intelligently sense and respond to external events and ultimately deliver shipments on time and in full.

supply chain shutterstock

Businesses can take advantage of a single supply chain control tower which provides end-to-end visibility and predictive alerts to numerous supply chain events and their impacts. Credit: Shutterstock

According to Heidi Benko, Infor vice president of product management, the partnership will help customers boost supply chain agility, resiliency and on-time performance.

“The Infor Nexus network has always connected companies to their supply chain partners and suppliers to provide visibility, collaboration and execution of supply chain processes from source to pay,” Benko said. “Partnering with Everstream gives us the predictive insights needed to identify external risks or disruptions that could impact customer supply chains and the ability to deliver.”

Rick Meyer, head of global sales at Everstream Analytics, said: “Through this partnership, Everstream will provide the risk event intelligence that the Infor Nexus platform can then tie directly to transactions across the supply chain. By applying AI and predictive analytics to our datasets, we can deliver the predictive insights and risk analytics that businesses need for smarter, more autonomous and sustainable supply chains.”

For example, when Everstream Analytics identifies a risk event, such as port congestion or a major weather event, it will notify the Infor Nexus platform, containing the time of the event, the occurrence duration, severity and the location. Infor Nexus Control Center will cross-reference the incident with network data to understand the impact on a customer’s transactions and alert users – providing decision support tools and resolution workflow so they can swiftly take action.

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