New skills programme for Bentley

Posted on 22 Aug 2014 by Victoria Fitzgerald

Bentley Motors is financing a new apprenticeship scheme to grow its current workforce and develop its facilities.

The Cheshire-based automotive manufacturer, which employs 3,700 individuals at its Crewe headquarters, will recruit for three integral parts of its operations, including wood, body and trim and engine.

10 ‘training islands’ will be installed on the factory floor at the Pyms Lane facility and master mentors will provide expert training as part of the investment.

This September, 51 apprentices will embark on the Bentley apprenticeship programme, the largest intake in 10 years.

Human resources director, Ariane Reinhart, said: “The automotive industry moves at such a fast pace it’s vital that we not only bring fresh thinking into the business, but we continually develop our own talent.

“We are working on the next generation of Bentleys and it’s important that our colleagues share the same commitment to performance, quality, and engineering excellence that our cars possess.

“That’s exactly why we are investing in our new Upskilling programme, to ensure we help our colleagues be as good as they can be, with every opportunity to develop their skills.

“The introduction of training islands, taking advantage of the expertise of master trainers and adopting a dual education approach are just some of the tools we will use to ensure a strong skills base continues throughout the business.”