Nissan to host open day to fill 200 jobs

Posted on 19 Jun 2012

With plans for four new UK models, Nissan, the country's biggest automotive manufacturer, has vacancies for up to 200 new jobs and will shortly hold a jobs fair to help fill the positions.

The open day is taking place at Nissan Motor Manufacturing UK in Sunderland on Saturday, and has been labelled by some as a response to “the busiest period” in the plant’s 26-year history.

Recent announcements may create over 3,000 jobs in the UK automotive sector within the next two years – around a quarter within the company itself and then the rest at companies within the supply chain.

After Nissan completes its recruitment drive, the Sunderland Plant workforce will number 6,225 – a record. The number of workers will make an extra shift necessary inside the plant,  and this will see both production lines operating 24/7 for the first time in the plant’s history.

One of the models being prepped for production at Sunderland and at other factories in the UK is the Nissan LEAF – one of the world’s only 100% electrically-powered cars. The next generation Nissan Qashqai will also be manufactured in the UK.

Kevin Fitzpatrick, Nissan’s vice president for manufacturing in the UK, said: “The popularity of the Nissan Qashqai and the Nissan Juke has meant our Sunderland Plant has achieved record production in each of the last two years, both of which were UK industry records.”

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