Nominate your unsung hero

Posted on 22 Jul 2015 by Victoria Fitzgerald

The Manufacturer has received an unprecedented response to its request for nominations for the Top 100 2015.

While the manufacturing community has told us who is making a valuable contribution in the sector, we are still missing an indispensable cohort of individuals – the unsung hero.

In the last Top 100 meeting, the judging panel highlighted this important section of industry that is so often missed, yet is instrumental to the success of their companies and the sector as a whole.

Last year, we celebrated several high profile names in manufacturing, individuals who undoubtedly deserved a place on the list, but who have received an abundance of recognition elsewhere.

In addition to celebrating the most prominent success stories, it is paramount to recognise those achieving great feats out of the public eye.

Top 100 celebrations
MBDA apprentices Jade Aspinall and Anna Schlautman were both shortlisted in 2014’s report.

Rachel Eade MBE, National Sector Lead for Automotive at the Manufacturing Advisory Service (MAS) used the example of a shopfloor trainer, that might think imparting their knowledge of manufacturing processes is all part of a day’s work, when in reality hundreds of trainees have benefited from that individual’s wealth of experience.

Philip Greenish CBE, CEO, Royal Academy of Engineering summed up the importance of commending manufacturing’s unsung hero: “This process helps get great people on to a path that works for other purposes. Perhaps they might have continued with their head down doing this job, but this gets them recognised, and other organisations might invite them to do other things.”

Who are your unsung manufacturing heroes that shy from the limelight but the industry would be lost without?

Nominate them now in 200 words or less before July 31.