On the Case

Posted on 11 Sep 2013 by Ruari McCallion

The world’s first fully trackable protective case has been unveiled by GWP Protective, the UK specialist packaging manufacturer based in Cricklade, Swindon, and Salisbury, Wilts.

The new case, which has been named Tracker Case, offers the ability to geographically locate high value items in shipment, in real time, using a variety of GPS-based tracking technology. The case can, if necessary, be monitored without the handler knowing about it. The technology can be fully integrated during the design process, so it is possible to produce a case that has absolutely no visible evidence of its trackability.

GWP says that the ability to track shipments covertly will appeal not only to those shipping high-value industrial equipment items, such as specialist manufacturers and rental companies, but also to organisations shipping antiquities and fine art around the world such as museums and art galleries.

The online tracking software is accessible from any internet-connected computer and  users can log in and view all their Tracker Cases simultaneously. A visual indication of the route that the case has taken and a history of its movements can be provided, along with alerts if it moves into or out of a pre-determined area, using the software’s geo-fencing feature.